My Magical Spring Break

March 9-13, 2015


2 Teenagers Placed in Mental Hospital After Supposed Adventure

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How the 2 girls describe the place they visited, which they call "Diagon Alley."

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On the evening of Sunday, March 8 it was discovered that 2 teenage girls, Jessica Smith and Ashley Thye, had disappeared from their homes. They both had left notes that they were “going on an adventure” and would be back by Tuesday. Officials searched the whole county for the girls over the 3-day period, but they were nowhere to be found. One witness claimed to have seen the girls get on a plane to London, England, but they have not been seen in the British city since early Monday morning. One witness, although unreliable, claims to have seen the girls enter an alleyway behind a run-down pub called the Leaky Cauldron. They were not sighted again until they showed up at their homes on Tuesday afternoon, just as they said they would. When they were asked where they had been, they only spoke of a magical place called Diagon Alley and insisted that wizards were real. They behaved differently too, almost distant, and wouldn’t stop talking about “the wizarding world.” Officials decided they needed to place the girls in a mental institution for several days because of their delusions, and they may stay longer if needed.

5 People Escape from Mental Hospital

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An example of one of the rooms of the mental hospital.

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On Wednesday, March 11, just two days after infamous adventurers Jessica Smith and Ashley Thye were placed in the hospital, there was a mysterious disappearance of 5 patients, the 2 girls included. One of the other escapees was Elysse Cruz, placed in the hospital for her 7 imaginary friends whom she blames for the string of murders she was proven guilty for last year. Another escaped patient was Kellen Korfanty, who was in the facility for stalking his crushes obsessively over the course of 4 years. The final escapee was Noor Chowdhry, who is currently recovering from an extreme addiction with making microwave mac and cheese. The 5 patients disappeared early in the morning during leisure time. One witness, a worker at the facility, says, “it was almost – magical. They were all there one second, but gone the next. I don’t know how they did it.” Officials are looking for the group everywhere, but have not yet found them.

Mount Rushmore Vandalism

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The monument before it was defaced by the 5 kids.

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After their disappearance from the mental insitution, the 5 kids were spotted on Thursday atop Mount Rushmore. One witness, although unreliable, claims, "I saw the kids dancing and playing around on George Washington's forehead. Then there was a bright green flash and the 4 faces of the presidents were replaced with the faces of the 4 girls involved. The boy's face was squeezed into the rock between what was previously //// and ////." Geologists have been trying to figure out how the kids sculpted such a huge piece of rock so quickly, but are stumped. One geologist said, "I dont know how they did it. It was almost magical."