Pioneer Day is Here!

By Olivia

Our Adventures for Pioneer Day

Our 3rd and 4th grade SEAquest class went on a Field Trip to Silver Dollar City for Pioneer Day on October 22nd, 2014. We went to lots of different places, but, I am only going to talk about my three personal favorites; The Oak Trail Schoolhouse, The Weaving Studio, and The Casey-McHaffie Homestead. Please read the articles below to learn about our trip!

The Oak Trail School

This was my favorite place of all. The little schoolhouse with a stove, slates, McGuffie Readers, candles in candleholders, and (best of all) no pencils and paper! In this little schoolhouse we learned what the pioneer children did, what they used, and how they used it. We learned that in the Winter, the children would walk to school with hot potatoes in their pockets to warm their hands, and then they would eat them for lunch. In the Winter they also let the younger kids sit closer to the stove so that they were warmer because the older children were tougher so they could handle being colder than the younger children. I enjoyed going there!

Weave, Weave

Another favorite of mine was the weaving studio. There we got to see a spinning wheel, a weaving loom, and lots of creations that they made with them! We watched one woman make thread, and one woman we watched make a rug. It was amazing to watch them and we found lots of cute woolen hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, and weird thingamajigs that we weren't entirely sure what they were. In all, the Weaving Studio was a very interesting place

Home at Last!

The Casey-McHaffie homestead was a very fun place to go. There was a little stove, a small fireplace, and instruments. We were interested in the things that they had. I noticed that they did not have any technology. No ipads, TVs, computers, phones, microwaves; you get the picture. Just imagine no technology! It would be an awesome and at the same time terrible world! The homestead was DEFINITELY a very interesting place to go.

Fabusome Field Trip

In all, our field trip was absolutely and completely FABUSOME!!!!!! I loved going and we had so much fun together as a class. I hope that I will have a field trip as equally fabtabulous as that one!
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