Happy Holidays!

We are on the countdown now. Only a few more days until our much needed and much deserved Christmas break! This is an important time to keep students engaged. If you have fun, engaging activities planned, there will be very little time for discipline issues to arise.


  • Dec. 7th 5 Christmas trees hiding all out and about. The first to find them will get a shout out!
  • Dec. 8th Cookies, candy and everything sweet…If you wear your Christmas apron, you will be complete!
  • Dec. 9th A jar in the lounge full of holiday candy, a guess of how many will sure come in handy. WE WOULD LIKE FOR EVERYONE TO BRING YOUR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TREATS TO SHARE ON THIS DAY!!
  • Dec. 10th Our staff is hardworking, so fun and so cute, Thursday come wearing your favorite sweat suit!
  • Dec. 11th Come to the lounge for a warm holiday treat. Latte Da just can’t be beat! (8:30-10:30 in the lounge)
  • As a special treat, let's get a head start on wearing those patient pants (jeans) and start on Monday the 7th!!


  • GRADES ARE DUE!! Be sure you open EVERY subject including work/study, Conduct, and Fine Arts.
  • Don't miss the Christmas Party at Wade's!!
  • Please let the office know when your Christmas parties will take place ASAP!!
  • Please remember when asking for a personal day, you need to put in AESOP at least 3 days prior to the date you are asking off. This gives time to arrange for a sub. Thanks!
  • GT Nominations have begun. Please see email from Mrs. Erwin regarding this.
  • If you haven't liked us on Facebook, do that today!
  • Don't forget to monitor students on the playground!

Mark your calendar~

  • 12/7-12/11 PTA Santa Store in PLC room
  • 12/7 Staff Christmas Party--5:30
  • 12/8 Picture Retakes
  • 12/10 Progress Reports
  • 12/15 3rd Grade Program (6:00pm)
  • 12/18 Early Release
  • 1/4 Teacher Work Day
  • 1/7 Report Cards go home
  • 1/11 BIG BEAR BASH