United Kingdom

By: Jenny Rubio

Dream Vacation

. My dream vacation is to go to The United Kingdom.

.The United Kingdom is located in Europe.

.I want to visit the UK ,because I heard a lot about it and sound like a fun place.

.It great , because you can learn a accent.

10 facts about the United Kingdom

.All horses,ponies, and donkeys must have passports.

.Nearly 6,000 people get hurt after tripping over their underwear.

.U.S eggs are illegal in Britain.

.The U.K is a monarky.

.The United Kingdom is way smaller then the USA.

.Britain is surrounded by water.

.Over 300 languges are spoken in the United Kingdom.

.They have the oldest castle

.Queen elizabeth owns all the dolphines and whales in the uk water

.The United Kingdom is the only country without a constitution


The amount of miles from willis texas to london is 4,815.

I'm going to take my mother,father,sister and, brother.

I am going to take a plane.

I am going to stay for a week

It takes 9 hours and 30 minutes on a plane.


The hotel that we are staying at is called The Gorging.

It has three bedrooms two bathrooms five star rating close to capital.

I am going to pack 8 outfits, and 5 pj's


Lodging is 1626

Spending money 650

Food 300

Travel 300

Airfare 6170

Gas 60

Total: 9206


While I am there i'm going to go shopping and site seeing.

I am going to swimming

A unique opportunity to do is to go see Queen Elizabeth's castle.

I am going to go the the biggest Ferris Wheel

I am also going to Namco Funscape