First Grade Newsletter

December 15, 2016

Important Dates

  • Thursday, December 15th - Winter Party!
  • Friday, December 16 - Early Release at 12:00
  • Tuesday, January 3- School Resumes
  • January 9-13th - College & Career Week (more information coming later)
  • Tuesday, January 10- Field Trip to Outdoor Learning Center (More Info Later)
  • Wednesday, January 11- Science Projects Due

College and Career Week (January 11-15)

The goal of college and career week is to get students excited for college. Each silly dress-up day has a theme that celebrates their bright future ahead! We will be sending out more information about College Week after we come back from Winter Break.

Lost & Found!

If your child is missing anything, please make sure to stop by and check our lost and found. Our lost and found will be located in the entryway of Barksdale. Please make sure to check before we leave for Winter Break on Friday!

Gingerbread Week!

We are having so much fun doing gingerbread activities! On Monday we decorated gingerbread cookies but they ran away! Oh! No! Hope they are back in time for the Holiday party! Ask your child about all of the fun activities that we have been doing this week!

Reading Minutes

As the holidays approach, we want to remind you that 1st graders need to continue to read their 100 minutes a week. This includes holidays as well. At this age, it’s crucial that students read every day. We encourage you to continue recording these minutes in the Reading Log. We will not penalize for not recording their minutes in the Reading Log over the holidays, but the students who do will be rewarded.

Bronco Press

Bronco Press is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their writing talents by publishing a book. Bronco Press is open to all students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The Bronco Press template and step by step instructions can be found on the PTA website Follow the link, Award Winning PTA, Bronco Press. Students should turn in their typed and illustrated work to their teacher and PTA will then bind the books. All student authors will be presented with their bound books at a special author’s reception. What a wonderful treasure and keepsake! The Bronco Press is a part of the principal’s triathlon recognition program.

What We're Learning

Language Arts & Social Studies

This week in language arts we have been comparing and contrasting stories about the gingerbread man. Students have written persuasive paragraphs begging the gingerbread men to come back (some even promised not to eat him).

When we come back from Winter Break, students will be spelling words with digraphs ch and wh. They will be identifying past,present, and future tense verbs and working on"How - To" writings. In social studies, they will continue exploring different cultures and holidays around the world.


This week we introduced 3D (solid) shapes. Students have been identifying 2 Dimensioinal and 3 Dimensional shapes. We have also been exploring how many faces, edges, and vertices these shapes have.

When we return from Winter Break, we will be learning about fractions. We will be dividing shapes into equal and unequal parts along with dividing them into halves, thirds, and fourths.


This week, students have been designing and testing sails along with beginning to design windmill blades. When we return from Winter Break, students will continue to work as mechanical engineers to design and construct windmill blades that use wind energy to do work. Students will show their learning by designing, creating, testing, and redesigning windmill blades.

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