ISIS: The History Project

By Grace

Terror for the World

ISIS is a group that has risen from Al Queda, and has its eye on creating one big, radical Islamic state. They will do anything to get their way, and ISIS is an extreme threat to almost every major country.

What is ISIS?

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They are a terrorist group that is very harmful and are known for their gruesome attacks. America, Russia, France, and many other countries are getting harmed by this group, and most of the world has gotten together to try to bring them down. However, that is very hard to do because ISIS consists of more than 300,000 people spread out all over the place.

What Can We Do?

There are many opinions floating around in society, and that is a big issue. People can't agree on what to do because they don't know what the right answer is. All people know is that they need to keep living life. They cannot succumb to the fear that ISIS has inflicted.