The WNY Young Writer's Studio

Fellowships for Young Writers and Those Who Teach Them


Founded in 2008, the WNY Young Writer's Studio is a community of writing and teachers of writing that meets throughout the year in Kenmore, New York. We offer programs for K-12 writers and diverse professional development opportunities for teachers of writing. This includes event-based workshops and a free fellowship program that immerses teachers in self-directed action research projects. Visit us at to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you might join us.

Fellowship Programs for K-12 Writers

Children and teenagers attend Studio in order to become writers, studying and producing powerful pieces of their own choosing that influence real audiences. We rely upon a workshop structure that includes mini-lessons that attend to some element of writers craft or the process, abundant time for independent writing and one on one conferring, and opportunities to give and receive high quality feedback. Over time, all Studio fellows are provided varied pathways for sharing their expertise within and beyond our community as well.

  • Summer 2015 sessions will run August 3-7 & August 10-14, 2015. Writers may register for one or both weeks.

  • Fall 2015 sessions will run on the second Saturday of each month September 2015-January 2016

Elementary writers meet from 9am-12pm, and middle and high school writers meet from 1pm-4pm.

For more information, visit our website. Online registration is also available here.

Free Fellowships for Teachers of Writing

Teachers meet on site year-round during the program cycles of their choice, while writers are also in session. They engage in lesson studies and are guided through the completion of independent action research projects.

Once registered, Angela Stockman contacts teachers to reserve spaces for preferred program cycle. During the first session, teachers are acquainted with grounded theory methodology, strategies for making learning visible, and habits of documentation. From there, action research project outcomes and plans are defined.

Teachers who join our fellowship program will choose to attend either the elementary sessions OR the middle and high school sessions during either of these summer weeks:

August 3-7, 2015 or August 10-14, 2015

Our work continues on the second Saturday of each month during the school year, beginning in September of 2015 as well.

  • Elementary sessions run from 8:30 am until noon.

  • Middle and high school sessions run from 12:30pm-4:00pm.

Spaces for our professional development program are limited. Please register here.

*Teachers earn up to 20 hours of professional development credit per program cycle for their work, with administrative approval.


“The fellowship program of the WNYYWS promises an opportunity to develop as a writer and to provide support for others who are developing their interest. Our daughter is a student fellow and has benefited personally from her involvement in the program. I feel it also provides a unique and powerful enrichment to our community. Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your fine program.”

—Frank and Lynne Catalfamo, parents

“Overall, the Teacher Fellowship has been hugely beneficial in shaping my teaching and given me the confidence to try new things in my classroom that are based on best practices. Even if something I’ve researched doesn’t go as planned I have an excellent sounding board to discuss why and how to continue to improve. The Teacher Fellowship has been the best connection I’ve made in my teaching career because it allows me to see many different sides of an idea and think about these ideas in new ways.”

–Pamila Marchewka-Cornwell, teacher fellow

“Thank you for another tremendous week of Studio for my two daughters. It’s hard to imagine that Eliza will begin her 6th year with you and has been with your program since the beginning. Miranda starts her 5th year with you and is very excited about the opportunities you have afforded her.

The summer fellowship program was a wonderful experience for Eliza and Miranda. They were exposed to strong , creative writers and were encouraged to produce influential pieces of writing while exploring various points of view. The peer review process is strongly encouraged and provides a nurturing and constructive atmosphere, in which to write and create. I feel that the objectives of the of this session were not only met but exceeded my daughters’ expectations. Eliza and Miranda completed their week at Studio feeling focused, accomplished and inspired. They look forward to the upcoming year with you.”

– Heidi Nicklaus Lefebvre, parent

“Studio delivers. Well worth the one way nearly hour long drive.”

–Annie Coburne-Kane, parent

“I love the in-depth lessons in the secondary sessions. They are all very thought-provoking and help me understand myself as a writer.”

–Elyse Cinquino, high school fellow

“My daughter has participated in the Studio fellowship program for the past four years. After her second year with Studio, she was encouraged to become a mentor of the younger students while continuing to develop her own writing skills. In the process, she has developed meaningful social connections with students from various parts of western New York she would not have otherwise met. Although it is a long day for her, she always enjoys her time in Studio and, as her parents, we couldn’t be more thrilled that she is involved as a mentor and writer. We drive a considerable distance (we live in Olcott) to ensure she continues to have this excellent opportunity, which may give her an edge in preparation for college and career. The truth in the stated mission of WNYYWS can be observed in the writing that is being turned out by these young writers. It’s just awesome to watch them develop their “voices” through the exercises introduced at Studio.”

–Michele Westgate, parent

“You helped me define my goals and refine them so they were more realistic, yet they still a challenge when I attempt to achieve them. With clear goals for what I wanted to achieve with my writing, I found it improving in and out of Studio. In class, my writing assignments were getting perfect marks, and in Studio, a piece of literature I found myself struggling to work on because I didn’t know what I wanted from it with my cousin was becoming more and more fun and easy to write. I have shared bits and pieces of it with my friends, who all seem to enjoy it and take to heart the lessons my cousin and I attempt to express. Studio has helped me grow as a writer, and I hope to return in the coming years so I can continue to make new friends and learn how to improve my writing and my community. “

–Catie Basinski, high school fellow

“Many of the new elementary writers arrive looking very tentative, but eager. As they leave the Studio session, the young writers share a face of much more confidence, contentment, and joy. Angela is very supportive and listens attentively, welcoming every idea from her participants.”

–Eliza Lefebvre, high school fellow

“Five Things I Love About Studio:

1. I have never thought so long or so hard! Everything we did in Studio made me question the way the world was. My perception of good writing was changed forever, and I left every meeting full of new ideas, respect for other writers, and too many cookies.

2. The writing I did there reflected those ideas. I never wrote better than at Studio. Studio also left me with new opportunities for writing, such as National Novel Writing Month. Since sixth grade, I’ve competed in NaNoWriMo, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.

3. The friendliness of the people at Studio brightens every experience there. I’ve made friends at Studio, but even those I don’t know well are ready with a smile and a kind word.

4. As a mentor at Studio, the experiences I’ve had helping other people are amazing. I love showing young writers how to focus their ideas, how to map out new stories, and how to put their experiences on paper.

5. Angela Stockman is definitely one of the reasons I love Studio. Her vivacious personality and creative mind are the reason Studio is an unforgettable experience. She is the center of the life and imagination that fills the writing done there and it would never be the same without her. I am incredibly grateful for her helpful reviews and encouragement of my work.”

–Abby Clements, former middle school fellow

“Studio is a family. WNYYWS was, and still is, a place I call home. It is a nonjudgmental zone where everyone has the power to put pen to paper and create something beautiful, and that is something that one you’re a part of it, it can never be taken away from you.”

–Alyssa Frey, former high school fellow

“This was my first day at Studio: laughter and quiet introductions. Squishy bean bags and open windows. The comfortable silence that descended as the writing started. Heartfelt goodbyes and see you soons.”

–Tish Albro, high school fellow

“I am in love with your program and have seen amazing gains in my son’s love and skills in writing and feedback. It pains me to live so far from your work. However, we feel blessed to have you in our lives and will continue to be part of the community as best we can. You have made a significant impact on Jake and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

–Michelle Helmer, parent