Waste Less and Recycle More!

How you and your family can help!

How can YOU help with recycling?

1. Place your bottles, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, and paper items in a recycling container! 2. Find out where a recycling center is and take your items to be recycled there. 3. Reuse items again! Sometimes you just need to find a different use for an item. 4. Waste from vegetables and fruits can be mixed with soil to make a compast pile!

Why is trash a problem?

We all make a LOT of trash. How much do you ask? Seven times our weight in a single year! Trash also has to be put somewhere. Often it is dumped into landfills or even ocean waters and rivers. Sometimes trash makes harms animals by making them sick. Putting trash in a landfill isn't really a solution either. We can one day run out of land to use for a landfill. Landfill trash can also put harmful chemicals into the waters that we drink!

The Journey of Plastic

Plastic can take 800 years to decompose into the soil! That's way too long! Instead, plastic can be recycled and made into clothes. It is first sorted into similar hues. Then it is cleaned by powerful water jets. Next, it gets broken into smaller pieces. Afterwards, it is melted into a sticky substance. Finally it is turned into strips and strung together to make a new material!