Meth & Cocaine

How do these Drugs affect the Brain?

What do all Drugs have in common.

All drugs act in the same way. They all do the same thing. That thing is that they get the user high. Drugs get you high by using most all of your pleasure cells also called dopamine. Which then the dopamine is sent to the synapse( the junction between two nerves). After that the dopamine is pulled thought the transporter. Finally the drug blocks the transporter so the dopamine is blocked inside the synapses and can't be recycled. They also hurt the user. This will destroy the transporter. This means that the use will never be as high as they were on the first trip.
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Meth, What is it? How does it Work?

Meth is an illegal drug. It is a mix of different chemicals. Among them is battery acid, which is found in battery s. This chemical is harmful to humans. That is just one of the harmful chemicals that user and other persons can come in contact with. Meth uses dopamine. Dopamine is the brain chemical that produces pleasure or happiness, in the reward system of the brain.

Cocaine, What is it? How does it work?

Cocaine is an illegal drug. Cocaine and Meth are similar in many ways such as they are both illegal. They both block the transporter and will eventually destroy them. There is a main difference. The way the user consume them. Meth is usually taken in powder from but cocaine can be taken in many ways. Also when taking cocaine the user can semi-control the duration of the users high.

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