Lone Star 2018

The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya

Arturo ​is ​looking ​forward ​to ​a ​relaxing ​summer ​until ​Carmen, ​a ​cute, ​funny ​girl ​moves ​into ​his apartment ​complex. ​While ​he ​deals ​with ​his ​stomach ​turning ​into ​a ​deep ​fryer ​over ​her, ​a smarmy ​land ​developer ​rolls ​into ​town ​and ​threatens ​to ​change ​everything. ​Can thirteen-year-old ​Arturo ​save ​his ​family ​restaurant? ​Can ​he ​get ​the ​girl? ​Can ​he ​make ​his Abuela ​proud?...... ​or ​is ​he ​in ​for ​an ​EPIC ​FAIL?

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  • How ​to ​Avoid ​Extinction ​by ​Paul ​Acampora
  • Antsy ​Does ​Time ​by ​Neal ​Shusterman
  • One ​Crazy ​Summer ​by ​Rita ​Williams-Garcia

Last Days on Mars by Kevin Emerson

Earth ​is ​gone, ​burned ​to ​a ​cinder ​when ​the ​sun ​began ​going ​supernova. ​The ​human ​race ​has fled ​to ​Mars, ​but ​it’s ​only ​a ​temporary ​solution. ​Liam ​and ​Phoebe ​will ​be ​on ​the ​last ​starliner ​to depart ​Mars...or ​so ​Liam ​thinks. ​Before ​this ​day ​is ​over, ​they ​will ​discover ​that ​the ​human ​race is ​just ​one ​of ​many ​in ​our ​universe ​locked ​in ​a ​dangerous ​struggle ​for ​survival.

*Book 2, The Oceans Between the Stars, comes out on February 13, 2018. *

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  • Black ​Hole ​Sun ​by ​David ​Gill
  • The ​Lost ​Planet by ​Rachel ​Searles
  • MiNRS ​by ​Kevin ​Sylvester

The Inquisitor's Tale, or The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz

Three ​children ​and ​their ​holy ​dog ​have ​somehow ​made ​an ​enemy ​of ​the ​King ​of ​France. ​Each has ​a ​supernatural ​gift ​that ​makes ​some ​people ​revere ​them, ​while ​others ​fear ​them. ​No ​one person ​knows ​the ​whole ​tale, ​so ​many ​storytellers ​come ​together ​to ​relate ​the ​story ​of ​these young ​travelers ​and ​their ​enemies. ​There ​will ​be ​bloody ​battles, ​hungry ​quicksand, ​and magical ​healings ​on ​the ​way ​to ​this ​adventure’s ​end.

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  • Midnight ​Magic ​by ​Avi
  • A ​Tale ​Dark ​& ​Grimm ​by ​Adam ​Gidwitz
  • Far ​Far ​Away ​by ​Tom ​McNeal


Refugee by Alan Gratz

Josef, ​a ​Jewish ​boy ​in ​1930s ​Nazi ​Germany, ​flees ​the ​concentration ​camp. ​Isabel, ​a ​1994 ​Cuban girl, ​tries ​to ​escape ​riots ​and ​unrest. ​Mahmoud’s ​homeland ​is ​torn ​apart ​by ​war ​in ​2015 ​Syria. All ​three ​kids ​go ​on ​harrowing ​journeys ​in ​search ​of ​refuge. ​All ​will ​face ​unimaginable ​dangers, from ​drownings ​to ​bombings ​to ​betrayals. ​But ​there ​is ​hope ​of ​tomorrow--and ​shocking connections ​that ​tie ​their ​stories ​together ​in ​the ​end.

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  • Prisoner ​B-3087 by ​Alan ​Gratz
  • Shooting ​Kabul ​by ​N.H. ​Senzai
  • Salt ​to ​the ​Sea ​by ​Ruta ​Sepetys


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

Doreen ​Green, ​a.k.a. ​Squirrel ​Girl, ​isn’t ​your ​average ​superhero. ​Iron ​Man ​and ​the ​other Avengers ​don’t ​take ​her ​seriously, ​but ​she ​has ​the ​power ​of ​squirrels: ​she’s ​super ​strong ​and can ​jump ​really ​high. ​Squirrel ​Girl ​will ​have ​to ​put ​her ​powers ​to ​the ​test ​when ​the ​MicroManager ​starts ​threatening ​her ​town. ​But ​Micro-Manager ​better ​watch ​out--SG’s ​here ​to ​kick butts ​and ​eat ​nuts...and ​she’s ​all ​out ​of ​nuts.

*Book 2, 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious, comes out on February 6, 2018*

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  • The ​Unbeatable ​Squirrel ​Girl ​by ​Ryan ​North
  • Lumberjanes: ​Beware ​the ​Kitten ​Holy by ​Noelle ​Stevenson
  • Supergirl ​at ​Super ​Hero ​High ​by ​Lisa ​Yee

The Van Gogh Deception by Deron Hicks

When ​a ​tween ​is ​discovered ​in ​Washington ​DC's ​National ​Gallery ​without ​any ​memory ​of ​who he ​is, ​a ​race ​begins ​to ​unravel ​the ​greatest ​mystery ​of ​all: ​his ​identity. ​As ​the ​stakes ​rise, ​the boy ​must ​piece ​together ​clues ​of ​his ​origins ​while ​trying ​to ​stop ​one ​of ​the ​greatest ​art ​frauds ever ​attempted. ​Check ​out ​the ​QR ​codes ​woven ​throughout ​to ​bring ​the ​art ​straight ​to ​your phone.

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  • Chasing ​Vermeer ​by ​Blue ​Balliett
  • Escape ​From ​Mr. ​Lemoncello’s ​Library ​by ​Chris ​Grabenstein
  • Framed! by ​James ​Ponti


Four-Four-Two by Dean Hughes

Yuki ​Nakahara ​is ​an ​American. ​But ​during ​World ​War ​II ​many ​Japanese ​Americans ​are ​forced into ​internment ​camps. ​Yuki ​doesn’t ​accept ​this ​injustice—it’s ​his ​country, ​and ​he ​enlists ​in the ​army. ​Yuki ​and ​his ​friend ​Shig ​aren’t ​prepared ​for ​the ​experiences ​of ​the ​“Four-FourTwo,” ​a ​segregated ​regiment ​made ​up ​of ​Japanese-American ​soldiers. ​Before ​Yuki ​can ​return home, ​he’ll ​face ​prejudices, ​combat, ​and ​friendships ​deeper ​than ​he ​knew ​possible.

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  • Dive!: ​World ​War ​II ​Stories ​of ​Sailors ​& ​Submarines ​in ​the ​Pacific ​by ​Deborah Hopkinson Soldier ​Boys ​by ​Dean ​Hughes
  • Eyes ​of ​the ​Emperor ​by ​Graham ​Salisbury


Warcross by Marie Lu

Emika ​Chen ​didn’t ​mean ​to ​glitch ​into ​the ​opening ​tournament ​of ​Warcross ​and ​get ​exposed ​to the ​entire ​world--she ​just ​wanted ​to ​hack ​her ​way ​into ​a ​valuable ​power-up. ​Instead ​of ​facing jail, ​she’s ​invited ​into ​the ​tournament ​with ​the ​top-secret ​task ​of ​stopping ​the ​real ​threat ​to the ​game. ​But ​as ​she’s ​drawn ​deeper ​into ​the ​world ​of ​Warcross, ​Emika ​finds ​it’s ​not ​so ​easy ​to know ​who ​to ​trust.

*Book 2: no title and no release date. *

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  • The ​Eye ​of ​Minds by ​James ​Dashner
  • Insignia by ​S.J. ​Kincaid
  • Otherworld by ​Jason ​Segal ​and ​Kirsten ​Miller


Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Long ​before ​she ​was ​the ​Queen ​of ​Hearts ​in ​Wonderland, ​Cath ​wanted ​to ​open ​a ​bake ​shop ​and fall ​in ​love. ​Her ​mother ​has ​other ​plans ​for ​her ​to ​marry ​the ​king, ​but ​when ​Cath ​meets ​Jest, she ​feels ​the ​pull ​of ​true ​attraction. ​At ​the ​risk ​of ​offending ​the ​king, ​she ​and ​Jest ​enter ​into ​a secret ​courtship, ​desperate ​to ​live ​happily ​ever ​after--but ​in ​a ​land ​thriving ​with ​magic, madness, ​and ​monsters, ​fate ​has ​other ​plans.

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  • The ​Looking ​Glass ​Wars by ​Frank ​Beddor
  • The ​School ​for ​Good ​and ​Evil ​by ​Soman ​Chainani
  • Beastly ​by ​Alex ​Flinn


Impyrium by Henry Neff

The ​Faeregine ​have ​ruled ​Impyrium ​for ​over ​3,000 ​years--but ​their ​magic ​and ​power ​are fading. ​Hazel, ​the ​youngest ​and ​most ​powerful ​Faeregrine, ​is ​happy ​just ​to ​study ​magic, ​but the ​empress ​has ​evil ​plans ​for ​her. ​Hob ​has ​been ​sent ​to ​the ​city ​to ​serve ​the ​Faeregines--and to ​spy ​on ​them. ​One ​wants ​to ​protect. ​The ​other ​wants ​to ​destroy...but ​which ​is ​which? ​When Hazel ​and ​Hob ​form ​a ​friendship, ​they ​may ​save ​the ​realm--or ​end ​it ​forever.

*Book 2: No title or date.*

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  • The ​Demon ​King ​by ​Cinda ​Chima
  • The ​Hound ​of ​Rowan ​by ​Henry ​Neff
  • The ​False ​Prince ​by ​Jennifer ​Nielsen


Frogkisser! by Garth Nix

What ​is ​she ​to ​do? ​Princess ​Anya ​has ​a ​wicked ​stepfather ​who ​wants ​to ​turn ​the ​kingdom evil--and ​anyone ​in ​his ​way ​is ​changed ​into ​a ​frog. ​Anya ​and ​her ​talking ​dog ​escape ​into ​the dark ​forest, ​where ​she ​meets ​witches, ​wizards ​and ​a ​boy ​thief ​(currently ​enspelled ​as ​a ​talking newt). ​Can ​she ​make ​the ​magic ​lip ​gloss ​that ​will ​allow ​her ​kiss ​the ​frogs ​and ​turn ​them ​back to ​humans ​in ​time ​to ​save ​the ​kingdom?

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  • The ​School ​for ​Good ​and ​Evil ​by ​Soman ​Chainani
  • The ​Wishing ​Spell by ​Chris ​Colfer
  • Rump: ​The ​True ​Story ​of ​Rumpelstiltskin ​by ​Liesl ​Shurtliff


Between Two Skies by Joanne O'Sullivan

Bayou ​Perdu, ​a ​tiny ​fishing ​town ​in ​Louisiana, ​is ​sixteen-year-old ​Evangeline’s ​home. ​She ​has her ​friends, ​her ​beloved ​Mamere, ​and ​two ​titles ​in ​the ​fishing ​rodeo. ​It's ​a ​small ​life, ​but ​it ​is Evangeline's. ​Then ​Hurricane ​Katrina ​comes, ​and ​everything ​changes. ​Amid ​the ​chaos, ​pain, and ​destruction ​she ​finds ​Tru ​-- ​a ​fellow ​refugee, ​a ​bluesman, ​and ​a ​balm ​for ​Evangeline's aching ​heart.

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  • Finding ​Someplace by ​Denise ​Patrick
  • Zane ​and ​the ​Hurricane: ​A ​Story ​of ​Katrina by ​W.R. ​Philbrick
  • Ninth ​Ward by ​Jewell ​Rhodes

Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds

Miles ​Morales’ ​spidey-sense ​has ​been ​out ​of ​whack. ​He ​can’t ​shake ​the ​nightmares ​or ​the ​buzz every ​day ​in ​history ​class ​amidst ​his ​teacher’s ​suspicious ​lectures ​on ​the ​historical ​“benefits” of ​slavery. ​Something’s ​off, ​but ​he ​has ​no ​idea ​what ​it ​might ​be. ​After ​being ​set ​up ​and ​then suspended, ​Miles ​wonders ​if ​he’s ​even ​cut ​out ​to ​be ​a ​superhero. ​As ​his ​scholarship ​is threatened, ​Miles ​uncovers ​an ​evil ​in ​his ​school--now ​all ​he ​can ​do ​is ​suit ​up. Also ​try ​these:

  • Wonder ​Woman: ​Warbringer ​by ​Leigh ​Bardugo
  • Batman: ​Nightwalker by ​Marie ​Lu
  • Black ​Widow: ​Forever ​Red by ​Margaret ​Stohl

The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby

In ​1798, ​the ​Morningstarr ​twins ​arrived ​in ​New ​York ​City ​with ​dazzling ​designs ​and ​technology no ​one ​had ​ever ​seen ​before. ​Then...they ​disappeared. ​In ​the ​present ​day, ​much ​of ​their technology ​remains, ​along ​with ​their ​unsolved ​Old ​World ​Cipher. ​When ​a ​developer ​starts plans ​to ​demolish ​the ​Morningstarr ​buildings, ​Tess, ​Theo, ​and ​Jaime ​must ​follow ​the ​clues around ​the ​city ​and ​solve ​the ​unsolvable ​cipher, ​their ​only ​chance ​to ​save ​their ​home.

*Book 2, The Clockwork Ghost, will be out on May 29th, 2018.*

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  • Chasing ​Vermeer ​by ​Blue ​Balliett
  • The ​Van ​Gogh ​Deception by ​Deron ​Hicks
  • The ​Mysterious ​Benedict ​Society ​by ​Trenton ​Lee ​Stewart

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

In ​a ​perfect ​world ​with ​no ​hunger, ​no ​disease, ​no ​war, ​and ​no ​death, ​scythes ​are ​the ​only ​ones who ​can ​end ​life—and ​they ​are ​commanded ​to ​do ​so, ​in ​order ​to ​keep ​the ​size ​of ​the ​population under ​control. ​Cita ​and ​Rowan ​are ​chosen ​to ​apprentice ​to ​a ​scythe—a ​role ​that ​neither ​wants. These ​teens ​must ​master ​the ​"art" ​of ​taking ​life, ​knowing ​that ​the ​consequence ​of ​failure could ​mean ​losing ​their ​own.

*Book 2, Thunderhead, comes out on January 9, 2018.*

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  • Flawed ​by ​Cecelia ​Ahern
  • Nemesis by ​Brendan ​Reichs
  • Unwind by ​Neal ​Shusterman


Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Julia ​is ​short ​for ​her ​age, ​but ​by ​the ​end ​of ​the ​summer ​run ​of The ​Wizard ​of ​Oz, ​she'll ​realize how ​big ​she ​is ​inside. ​She ​can’t ​sing ​or ​dance, ​but ​when ​the ​director ​of ​Oz ​casts ​her ​as ​a Munchkin, ​she ​begins ​to ​see ​herself ​in ​a ​new ​way. ​Soon, ​she ​doesn't ​want ​to ​fade ​into ​the background--and ​it's ​a ​good ​thing, ​because ​her ​director ​has ​more ​big ​plans ​for ​Julia! Also ​try ​these:

  • How ​to ​Stage ​a ​Catastrophe ​by ​Rebecca ​Donnelly
  • Better ​Nate ​Than ​Ever ​by ​Tim ​Federle
  • Jack ​& ​Louisa, ​Act ​I by ​Andrew ​Keenan-Bolger


Well, That Was Awkward by Rachel Vail

One ​day, ​Gracie ​can't ​breathe, ​can't ​walk, ​can't ​anything-- ​and ​the ​reason ​is ​tall ​and ​weirdly good-looking: ​A.J. ​But ​A.J. ​likes ​Gracie's ​best ​friend ​Sienna. ​Obviously ​Gracie ​is ​happy ​for Sienna...super ​happy. ​She ​helps ​Sienna ​compose ​the ​best ​texts, ​responding ​to ​A.J.'s surprisingly ​funny ​and ​appealing ​texts. ​Because ​Gracie ​is ​fine. ​Always! ​She's ​had ​lots ​of practice ​being ​the ​sidekick, ​second-best. ​It's ​all ​good. ​Well, ​almost ​all. ​She's ​trying.

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  • Flawless ​by ​Lara ​Chapman
  • The ​Swap ​by ​Megan ​Shull
  • Goodbye ​Stranger ​by ​Rebecca ​Stead


Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen

When ​Wren ​is ​“kidnapped” ​and ​sent ​to ​a ​wilderness ​camp ​to ​help ​her ​deal ​with ​her ​alcohol ​and drug ​addiction, ​she ​thinks ​her ​parents ​are ​just ​trying ​to ​get ​rid ​of ​her. ​In ​her ​fury, ​she struggles ​through ​the ​first ​days ​in ​the ​Utah ​desert, ​but ​this ​could ​be ​Wren’s ​last ​chance. Also ​try ​these:

  • Mountain ​Dog ​by ​Margarita ​Engle
  • Alabama ​Moon ​by ​Watt ​Key
  • Touching ​Spirit ​Bear by ​Ben ​Mikaelsen

Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson

Scholarship ​student ​Jade ​has ​worked ​hard ​for ​everything ​she ​has, ​including ​a ​spot ​on ​a ​school trip ​to ​Costa ​Rica. ​Instead, ​she’s ​invited ​to ​join ​Women ​to ​Women, ​a ​mentorship ​program ​for “at-risk” ​girls. ​Except ​really, ​it’s ​for ​black ​girls. ​From ​“bad” ​neighborhoods. ​Jade ​doesn’t think ​she ​needs ​the ​kind ​of ​support ​her ​mentors ​want ​to ​provide. ​Can ​she ​get ​these ​successful women--and ​her ​school’s ​faculty--to ​see ​her ​for ​who ​she ​really ​is?

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  • The ​Laura ​Line ​by ​Crystal ​Allen
  • All ​American ​Boys ​by ​Jason ​Reynolds
  • This ​Side ​of ​Home ​by ​Renee ​Watson

Beanstalker and Other Hilariously Scarytales by Kiersten White

Do ​you ​think ​you ​know ​all ​there ​is ​to ​know ​about ​fairy ​tales? ​Think ​again! ​First ​of ​all, ​there's only ​one ​step-mother, ​and ​you ​should ​probably ​check ​your ​sources ​before ​you ​start ​calling ​her wicked. ​Little ​Red ​Riding ​Hood ​gets ​way ​more ​than ​she ​bargained ​for ​when ​she ​strayed ​from the ​path. ​Cinderella ​is ​named ​for ​cinders, ​all ​right. ​And ​"The ​Princess ​and ​the...Pea?" ​gives ​a whole ​new ​meaning ​to ​poor ​accommodations.

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  • Coraline ​by ​Neil ​Gaiman
  • A ​Tale ​Dark ​& ​Grimm ​by ​Adam ​Gidwitz
  • Attack ​of ​the ​Vampire ​Weenies ​and ​Other ​Warped ​and ​Creepy ​Tales ​by ​David ​Lubar