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August 30, 2019

Thoughts after RTI meetings yesterday

I was unable to be in all of the RTI meetings due to all the other things happening in the building, but I heard that they all went well. If we are gong to make the changes necessary to continue our upward trajectory we need to be willing to look closely at our practices and be open to making changes to make them better. This is hard work and, at times, it might be uncomfortable to own that our past practice might not be getting us where we want to go. The positive part is that we are the drivers of our own story and we have the power to make a change.

Being intentional and thoughtful about our planning and execution of our instruction will help us move forward. Planning on the fly or on the morning of cannot be part of our RTI routine. We spend time planning in advance for ELA , Math, SS, and Science, but we don't spend that same amount of thought and effort for RTI. We have control over this and can make the changes necessary to get more our of this predictable part of our daily schedule. We will continue all year to look at our practices and make improvements as necessary to get even more bang for our buck with RTI.


Another topic that I'm sure was front and foremost yesterday was discussion about students ability and lack of ability to read. Earlier this week Pattie told me about a segment on Sunday Morning this past Sunday that was very interesting. It was about dyslexia, the prevalence of people with this reading disorder in schools, and what happens to folks when it is not addressed. It is a very interesting segment that I think is very relevant in connection to our RTI discussions yesterday. I hope you find it as interesting and eyeopening as Pattie and I found it.
Dyslexia: Cracking the code

No Faculty Meeting on September 9

To allow for us to meet as many of the needs of our parents during the week of Parent Teacher Conferences we will not have a faculty meeting on the 9th so you are able to open that afternoon/evening up for conferences.

PLC Meetings Next Week

Tuesday we will continue our journey into better understanding and using grade level standards. If the lead teacher for your grade level this month has not already reached out, please make sure you have read the accompanying chapter in our standards book so you are ready to discuss the standard with your team. Any other materials that you may need for Tuesday will come from this month's lead teacher. We will meet with math teachers in grades 3-5 on Wednesday.

Safety Patrol Induction

Three cheers for the Safety Patrol Committee and their fabulous induction ceremony. It was a great event the emphasized the importance of building a leader that cares about their fellow man. If you haven't seen the student generated vision and mission posted on the wall on the way to the office I encourage you to do so. We have some great kiddos wearing those bright belts every morning, and we have a great group of teachers mentoring them.

September Newsletter

I will be sending out the September Newsletter next Friday. I've noted that many of you are sending out grade level news letters. If you would like to send me your latest edition as an attachment I am pretty sure I can attach that to the newsletter. If you don't have a grade level newsletter please send me a summary of what your grade level is doing this upcoming month similarly to last year. I will need all submissions by next Thursday afternoon (September 5th).

"...The BEST DAY EVER!! " ---Several Lincoln Students on Wednesday

Our first club event was a success!!! Thank you to everyone for your support of this new endeavor. Based on feedback our students really enjoyed the event and I'm pretty sure that our teachers and IAs did too. There were lots of smiles and happy faces to go around on Wednesday. Our next meeting is next month. It is already on the calendar but remember that it is a secret from our students! Let's build the excitement to our next meeting!

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