Island School PTA Newsletter

April 2013

Message from Co-chairs

It was one of those evenings when it all comes together beautifully and the Spring Cultural Fair on Friday April 12th, was one such night. The energy and talent of our wonderful students was on full display as these amazing students sang, danced, drummed and cooked their heart out. How grateful we are that we were part of the magic on display and we would like to thank them for their enthusiasm and hard work!

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the Fair Coordinators, Becky Brown and Ushie Tuck and to Kate Sommerville (Teacher coordinator) who worked tirelessly and survived on little sleep to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The evening would also not have been as successful without all the parent volunteers who cooked and served amazing dishes from their home countries. The International Food Festival, which was held in the Island School hall was an outstanding success. Everywhere we looked there were parents dining with their children, friends sharing a glass of wine and parent volunteers serving meals with absolute delight.

A big thank you also goes to the wonderful Year 12 students, who worked behind the scenes. They decorated the food hall, created the beautiful signs directing visitors to the various activities and made sure that boxes were transported to the various locations. We very much appreciate the time and energy they put into setting up the various stalls and packing up afterwards. They were absolute stars!

The Finale for the night was the Charity Raffle Draw which took place at 9pm. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to the winners.

Please see below the list of winners.

Amani Sue and Toni Flynn

Charity Raffle WINNERS!

Charity Raffle Draw

A huge thank you to all the families who supported the Charity Raffle Draw. We have been able to raise in excess of $115,000 which will go to purchasing equipment for Island School and assisting the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Scholarship Fund. The awarding of the scholarships to the students will take place in the Island School hall on May 25th at 10 am. All Island School parents are welcome to attend.


As stipulated by the Television an Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA), all unsold raffle tickets must be returned to the ISPTA. Please check with your child(ren) if tickets are still in their possession and ask them to return to the PTA office as soon as possible.


More Photos of the Fair on this Slideshow!

PTA Spring Fair

Island School Cookbook

Parents, students and teachers have all contributed to the Island School Cookbook. You will find recipes from all over the world. Start delighting your family and friends with these tried and tested recipes that have been passed on from one generation to the next in this easy to use cookbook.

The cost is only $100 and can be purchased at the PTA office. Come in and ask Sharon, the PTA Administrator, for a copy of your own!

ATTENTION All Year 7 Parents!

On the evening of May 30th, Year 6 parents will be attending an Information Evening and we would like to request volunteers to help welcome new parents to the Island School Community. The Welcome Committee would like assistance from 5pm-7pm. If you are able to help out, please contact Aparna Bubna on


The Year 13 graduation will be held on May 24th. The Parent Year 13 Reps would like to request the donation of small cookies/brownies/ dessert bars for the event. If you are able to help out, please bring these snacks to the front desk (just outside the school hall) on the day of graduation.

Year 10 Career Day - May 30

The Year 10 Career Day is a joint initiative by Island School & the ISPTA. We are working on trying to provide students with the unique opportunity to interact with and hear from a variety of professionals pursuing different careers.

Professionals from backgrounds spanning Law, Architecture, Media, Technology, Psychology, Financial Services, Engineering, and Accounting etc. There will be Speakers, Career Representatives as well as Q & A sessions.

In a nutshell, A Wealth of Experience In One Room!

This represents not just a great opportunity for our children but also a wonderful way for the parent community to get involved. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to share their work life experiences with the Year 10 students at the career day. If you would like to help please email We will be happy to give you more details.

Part-time ISPTA Administrative Assistant Required

The Island School PTA (ISPTA) requires a part-time Administrator. The successful applicant will be responsible for assisting the ISPTA Administrator to ensure the smooth running of the office and shops


• Office experience and strong knowledge of Microsoft Office

• Enthusiasm to work with students, school staff and parents

• Friendly customer service attitude

• Fluency in English language

There will be times during the year that the office is very busy and flexibility to work 3-4 days per week in August/early September period and leading up to the Winter and Spring Fairs and Raffle Draw is required.

Work Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am – 2:30pm

Please send CV to:

Volunteers/ Working Bee Group Needed for Book Sorting

Come on in for a Nespresso coffee and help sort out books. If you have a couple of hours to spare and would like to help, we would love to see you. The more people we have, the more fun we will have and the quicker we can get this done.

Date: Monday May 13th starting at 9:30am.

If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact Amani Sue on


The new bus routes and fees schedule will be available next month. We will email all current bus users and invite them to apply early to ensure a bus seat and so that bus passes can be sent before the start of the school year.

Coffee Mornings Next Academic Year

Coffee mornings will now be held on Thursdays at the Helena May. Once we have confirmed the dates, we will inform parents and post on the PTA website.

Student Directory

If parents have recently joined the PTA and have not yet picked up their Student Directory, please come to the PTA office and collect a copy.

PTA Committee meeting minutes summary for April 8, 2013

Student requests: Water Fountain

· Students had made a considered request for two environmentally friendly water fountains.

· The Committee approved the allocation of up to HK$20,000 for the purchase of the fountains.

Student requests: Horseshoe Crab Project

· The Committee considered the request made at the previous PTA meeting for $1,500 from the PTA to help fund a student-led project which aims to protect horseshoe crabs.

· The Committee approved $1,500 for the horseshoe crab project but noted that the supervising teacher could encourage students to consider additional/alternative methods of discouraging the trade.

Team shirts - PTA agreed to fund the school sports shirts again this year at a cost of approx $60,000

Subscription for Naviance

· The higher education team has requested funding for a trial subscription to Naviance, a software programme which supports students’ applications to US universities and provides career planning advice which is not US-specific.

· Funding of up to HK$50,000 was approved to fund a 1-year trial of the programme.

School Fair

· Becky and Ushi noted that arrangements were in place for the cultural evening on 12th April.

School Buses

· Due to the increased numbers of students coming from the New Territories, the PTA/school has asked the bus company to put on an extra bus

· Due to a shortage of buses, the bus company can only provide this if one of the school’s other buses is cut.

· It is proposed that the Stanley bus, which is currently used by 5 students only, should be the cut route.

· It was proposed that alternatives for the South Side students should be looked into, including the possibility of providing them with a bus to Admiralty for after-school.

Cantonese will be trialed as an element course for Y9/ 10 next year.

Year 10 Careers Fair

This will be held on May 30th between 12 noon and 1:50 pm. Toni noted that, whilst it's been relatively easy to find speakers to discuss career opportunities in professions such as law and engineering, finding IT professionals is difficult. Oliver offered to check with his contacts.

Principal's Report

The students had organised a very successful “Earth Hour” and the Year 8s recently completed a 'Truth and Lies' project as part of Island Time. This involved groups of students interviewing community members whose job involves assessment of the truth of information. People interviewed included a CNN anchorman, an ICAC officer, police and lawyers. The project was considered to have been useful.

Chris Binge

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer’s Report

· Nigel Hale noted that the month end cash balance stood at approx. $1.2 million, but the PTA has a number of commitments, and further commitments had been made at the meeting.

· Uncommitted funds stood at approx. $923,000 at the end of February.

PTA Membership

A revised PTA membership form will be unveiled for the new academic year, so please look out for it. Please note that it is compulsory for all families to be members of the PTA under the ESF Ordinance and Regulations.


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