Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

December 18th

Greater or Less

This week the students practiced comparing numbers and learning how to show numbers that are greater or less. We began by reviewing our vocabulary words so we knew what they meant, greater, less and equal. Next the students practiced thinking of numbers greater or less then the one I gave them. Next we met Ally Alligator who only likes to eat the greatest numbers because she's so hungry. We practiced at the board with Ally and hen with a partner and cards. Finally we learned what the symbols for great and less than look like and practiced using those while we worked with a partner on a dice game.

Skills Learned This Month

Language Arts & Writing

This week the students learned about drawing conclusions and cause and effect. We learned that to draw a conclusion we need to use the clues from a story to help us figure out what will happen. We also learned that a cause is why something happens and an effect is what happened as a result. We practiced with If you take a mouse to the movies and other holiday stories and even incorporated some writing since we are responding to literature this week.


This week the students began learning about the night sky. We talked about the things we can find in the night sky and why they are important. We read about the moon, stars and planets. We even learned how the moon appears to change shape and completed a moon phase project.

Social Studies

This week the students worked on holiday projects and we read lots of holiday themed books to get us excited about the holiday break!

Polar Express Party

The students had so much fun watching the Polar Express with the kindergarten class from St. Charles. After the movie the students enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream as well as cookies and candy canes!

Holiday Break

Thank you again for all the generous holiday gifts I received on Friday. I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday and hope you have lots of time to spend with family and friends. Hopefully I make it back on January 4th to hear everyone's great break.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Break

December 21st - January 1st

Quarter 2 Ends

Friday, January 15th