Tufted Ducks

Latin Name: Aythya fuligula


The average length of the tufted duck is 16 to 18" long. The average weight for a male is 1.68 pounds and for a female is 1.57 pounds. There is no reliable estimates that exist for the population of tufted ducks. Population is said to be close to one million birds and are considered stable or increasing.

Diving for Food

Tufted ducks dive into the water to receive food. Tufted ducks feed on the roots, seeds, and buds of aquatic plants. Clams, snails, aquatic insects and sometimes amphibians and small fish are also some of the Tufted ducks food choice. they also skim flies and duckweed on the water's surfaces.

Tufted Ducks


Tufted Ducks Migration

Tufted ducks are as far south as the Mediterranean Sea, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, southern India, Thailand, and the Philippines. The tufted ducks are a regular visitor to Alaska but rarely visit the east coast south to Maryland and the west coast to southern California.