Mrs. Rent's Classroom Newsletter

For the week of September 21st-25th


Mondays are our library days! Please remind your child to return his/her books on or before Monday each week.

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon! The book fair will be set up in the library again this year on some of our parent/teacher conference nights. The book fair will be open during the evenings of October 13-15. Watch for more information to come!

Library Volunteers

Hello Roadrunner Parents! I hope that your children have had a great start to the new school year! I am going paperless with my request for volunteers this year! I am sending a link to a form for you to fill out online. I would love to have 2-3 volunteers each day to help put books away, check out, check in, etc. Timing is flexible. If you would like to help out in our library this year, please click on the link below. (You may need to push ctrl+click to activate the link.)

If you'd like to volunteer in the library, click here!

Ritchey Woods Field Trip

Parents, as you know yesterday your child got the chance to explore Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve during their Nature First program. Led by Fishers Parks & Recreation’s Chief Naturalist, Danesa Stolz, this program seeks to teach children about our environment through a combination of curriculum based activities paired with hands-on exploration. We invite you to join the conversation through this ask me about letter. This letter will assist you in learning about your child’s day and remind them about all of the exciting things they participated in during their visit. By reviewing their day, you’re also helping them retain information for their in-class assignments. We hope this is a helpful tool that allows your family to learn more about this hidden gem in our community!

Ask me about….

Ask me about the animals I was able to explore!

- Children got to touch a deer pelt, a bear pelt, deer antler and we looked for squirrels and their nests.

Ask me about the pioneer graveyard!

- While hiking in the forest we came across the pioneer graveyard. The kids thought this was pretty cool!

Ask me what insects we found in the prairie!

- We had a chance to use insect nets in the prairie today. We were hoping to catch a monarch butterfly to tag.

Ask me if I can remember the three different kinds of soil we explored!

- If not, that’s okay! We touched sand, silt and clay while comparing their similarities and differences while learning about their role in the soil.

Ask me about what I wrote in my nature journal.

Thanks for allowing your children to explore one of the most unique facilities in Fishers! We encourage you to visit our survey at and let us know what you think about this program. We look forward to your feedback and appreciate your help ensuring a quality program for HSE students!

For more information about Fishers Parks & Recreation, visit or follow us on Twitter at @RitcheyWoods.

Grillin' and Chillin'

I hope you had a wonderful time at grillin' and chillin' yesterday! I had an also time socializing with my students and all of my parents. PTO did an outstanding job with this event. Thank you for coming out and showing your support. Below are a couple of photos from the event.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our student- parent-teacher conferences are coming up soon. Please make sure that you bring your child with you to the conference, as they will be leading the conference. As we move towards HSE21 we want the students to take more of a initiative and active role in the learning process. Next week we will work as a class to figure out what is the most important thing to talk about during these conferences.

Pluses for Students

· Students help plan conference

· Students help craft agenda

· Students lead conference

· Students learn how to be courteous – introduce parents, take turns speaking, ask questions

· Students talk about what they do well, where they can improve – teaches them how to be reflective

· Students do most of the work

Pluses for Parents

· Learn about school from their child’s point of view

· Exemplify the importance of their child

· Show teacher trusts teacher to lead conference

· Show what is important to child

Blue is Coming to CRES September 29th

Blue and his emcee will be joined via satellite calls from Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders, players and Coach Pagano. Each representative will express the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, being physically active 60 minutes a day, not bullying and working hard in the classroom.

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Roadrunner Cafe Hot Lunch Menu/Rotation Day

Day 4 Monday, September 28 - Cheeseburger on Pretzel Bun

Day 1 Tuesday, September 29 - Cheese Omelet with Bacon

Day 2 Wednesday, September 30 - Chicken and Noodles

Day 3 Thursday, October 1- Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Day 4 Friday, October 2 - Fish Shapes and Mac and Cheese

Day 1 Monday, October 5 - Taco Scoops

Day 2 Tuesday, October 6 - Scrambled Eggs with French Toast

Day 3 Wednesday, October 7 - Pizza Calzone

Day 4 Thursday, October 8 - Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Day 1 Friday, October 9 - Cheesy Breadsticks with Marinara

Roadrunner Rally

Roadrunner Rally

Pledges for the Roadrunner Rally are starting to come in! Thank you to those families that have started to collect donations from family, friends, and neighbors. We are on our way to reaching our $12,000 goal for this fundraiser, but we need continued donations to make this goal possible! The deadline for donations is September 29th. Donations can be collected through pledge sheets that were sent home with your child or online at . We are looking forward to a wonderful Roadrunner Rally on October 1st! Go rally those pledges, Roadrunners!

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, September 29- Blue is coming to CRES
  • Thursday, October 1st: Road Runner Rally
  • Friday, October 2nd: Half day for students/ $1 hat day
  • October 13th-15th: Parent/teacher Conferences