#21 - Twenty One - #21

by Ashlynn Keck


*I chose 21 because April 21st is my golden birthday!

*Ellis Lankster on the New York Jets is number 21. (Go Jets!)

* The factors of 21 are 1,3,7,21.

*21 is composite because it has more than 2 factors.

*21 is odd because it does not have 2 as a factor and it ends in 1.

* April 21st is also Queen Elizabeth's birthday!

*Selena Gomez is age 21.

* Other famous athletes having #21 were Robert Clemente, a Pittsburg Pirate Hall of Fame baseball player who played outfield. Also Mike Eruzione was on the 1980 Winter Olympic Hockey team members who scored the winning goal for the USA team to defeat the Russians. The USA team later won the gold medal.

* The store Forever 21 has very cute clothes to buy.

LCM and GCF OF 21 and 24

* The Least Common Multiple of 21 and 24 is 168.

* The Greatest Common Factor of 21 and 24 is 3.

I think 21 is a great number and I hope you do too!