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May 27, 2016


Our Awesome Educators of the Week are:

Lisa Timmerman and Kaitlynn Meidenbauer

The future is ours because of what you do!

You get the Lucky Longhorn Spot (and my spot) too!

Summer Tweeting....

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Trainings & Curriculum Updates

In an effort to keep you fully informed I'm including a link to the Curriculum Courier (admin newsletter). This link will give you access to current and past issues of the newsletter. The Courier will provide you with pertinent information for your grade and content area. Although some weeks are more informative than others you should try to review it regularly.

Literacy Academy next year:

1) Thanks Valerie

2) Thanks Kirby

3) Thanks Rachelle

4) Thanks Lauren

2nd-5th grade ... please be sure your kids get the opportunity to complete the satisfaction survey I emailed you about last week

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)

Do you want to get out early (1:45) on June 2nd?

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Summer Contact Info:

Please fill out this doc so we can find you if we need you. :)

Summer Scoop

This is almost our last News and Notes for the year but do not fear I will be sending sporadic updates throughout the summer in a Summer Scoop newsletter. I will try to keep all updates confined to the Summer Scoop and I will include as much timely and current information as I am privy to. Please read them in your leisure time. :)


Please note that (some) FLEX rooms are a part of your checkout procedure.

  • First and Third flex rooms must have a setup that is exactly like each classroom on that team (same number of stools, chairs, rolling chairs, bean bags, bookshelves, etc).
  • Fifth, your flex room has a different setup but you should still make sure that all items that are supposed to be in there are in there.
  • Kindergarten - Jan - Kaitlynn: Work together to make sure your rooms have all the proper pieces since some trading between the rooms has taken place.


  • Skye will sharing dates with you and procedures for device (macs, iPads, smart tools, etc) check in. Once these items are turned in should stay checked in.
  • If you would like to request a campus device for the summer you will need to let me know and you will need to complete a technology checkout form -you break it you bought it :0) form.
  • I haven't heard anything from Louis yet - go ahead and clean them or purge what you can - I'm sure they could all use a little spring cleaning.


PTO will once again be asking kids to donate their leftover or unused school supplies. Please do not "donate" classroom supplies. Last year we found some teacher supplies in the boxes - those can not be donated.


End of Year Facility Clearance Checklist (from Heather Golightly)

1. Make sure your desk is clear and empty out all belongings. This makes it easier for us to move your desk so we can either extract carpet or prep your VCT flooring for cleaning.

2. All items need to be taken off windows, blinds, chalkboards, cabinets, doors and walls. Please take everything off of your walls- washing them is part of our summer project clean.

3. Books are to be checked into the library or the book room. If you are getting new carpet or moving, all books and items must be packed and labeled.

4. All items are to be removed from the floor, except the furniture. Any loose items must be packed, even items in your closets and storage areas.

5. Any furniture that is not emptied (ie: bookshelves, file cabinets, etc.) will not be moved. For example, if you have carpet underneath your bookcase, and it’s not empty, unfortunately, we will not be able to move the bookcase and extract the carpet underneath.

6. If you have a hard floor, all desks, file cabinets, shelves and cabinets must be empty as they must be moved out of the room to refinish the floors.

7. Please tag all items to be moved with the teacher’s name and room number to which it will be moved. This should be on all furniture, each desk, file cabinet, bookshelves, boxes, maps, trash cans, clocks, etc.

8. All materials must be removed from the room. If you are not moving, tag each piece of furniture with the staff person’s name and room number. Furniture will be moved out of the room to clean the floor. If you are moving out of the room or there is construction of any kind in your room, the teacher needs to make arrangements with the maintenance department to handle any items attached to the wall or have to be taken apart. Please contact vendors for vending machines and copiers to be moved.

9. All pets and plants must be taken home.

10. Keys, including to the main entrance and to any door, must be labeled and put in an envelope with the teacher’s name and room number. These are to be turned into the Principal. Custodians are not permitted to open doors for teachers or staff when school is not in session.

11. We recommend you take all personal items home.

12. All items need to be removed from the refrigerator.

13. Anything sticky (name tags, labels, etc) will be removed. If you don’t want ie: labels on a shelf removed, please contact your Principal.

14. We will not be moving any personal items (pictures, tvs, etc) to another school unless they are appropriately packaged and labeled.

Summer School

Apparently there was a misunderstanding regarding Lakeside iPads and summer school. I spoke to Regina and the summer school campus (Wilson) iPads will be used. We were not planning on sending any regardless but just in case you were wondering or concerned, now you know that iPads will be available for summer school learners to use.


iStation will be available during the summer for elementary and middle school students.


As the results of the curriculum audit are shared, digested, reflected upon, and understood I anticipate that instructional changes will follow. While change can be uncomfortable, I am sure the ultimate goal will be beneficial for our kids. As I know of things ... I will share them with you.

Case in point...

The Future of FOSS

Over the course of the coming year there will be changes to Science instruction and FOSS kits (district wide). Unfortunately, since the kits are not being used (with 100% fidelity) they are not really a cost effective solution for instruction. At this point there isn't anything you need to do I'm just sharing information.

The Closets

The closets at the end of A and B Hall will be demolished this summer. We will be asking the maintenance crew to move the items and the cabinets to their new home/location over the summer. With that being said...if you have something valuable or breakable in those suggestion is that you move it.


Because all of our teams are (currently) staying the same, many of our team leaders will also stay the same. I will be reaching out to a few of you to see if you would like the opportunity to be your team's fearless leader. Thanks to our current team leaders for their collaboration, communication, and cooperation this year!

Hello ... Goodbye...

Keep your eyes open for any potential staff changes.




  • EOY Lunch in B105 - Thanks for all you have done for our kids this year!
  • STAAR results due from the state (?)
  • No meeting today - some people have asked


6/1 5th grade Graduation and Celebration plus Kinder Bubble Day

  • Alternate schedule is forthcoming (?)

6/2 Last Day

  • Early Release Day for Kids
  • 5th grade walk at 12:30
  • Summer Checkout will include a workroom requirement (team and individual)
  • It's a full day for us unless you have received a specific early out pass


  • You need to have a total of 24 hours for all the flex and pd this year
  • Lakeside's office will be closed today

6/6 CISD Night at the Ballpark

6/6-10 Lakeside's Office Hours will be 7:30-3:30

6/9 Last Day for Annelise

6/10 Last day for Jan and Skye plus the office will close for the summer

6/14-16 Gema to Principal's Institute

6/16 Last day for Barbara

6/21 STAAR retake (#3) for Math

6/22 STAAR retake (#3) for Reading plus STAAR writing scores will be mailed

6/23 Last day for Gema

6/27-29 TEPSA Board Meeting for Gema


7/1 OPEN ENROLLMENT STARTS (until Aug.19th)

7/20 Gema and Barbara report back

7/25-27: Instructional Coaching Training @ EAST

  • Gema, Annelise, Maureen, and Skye
7/27-28: Principal's Academy for Gema and Annelise


8/1: Lakeside's Office Reopens (office hours 7:30-3:30)

8/2: Chamber Breakfast for Gema and New Hires @ North

8/2 - 5: New Hire Induction Week (this will be split between New Tech, North and East depending on the session)

8/8 Jan and Skye Report Back - CLASS LISTS will be finalized today.

8/9 & 8/10 UbD Training

8/11 UbD GT Update (and June 2017 Trade Out) plus RESIDENCY VERIFICATION from 8-3

8/15 Official first day back for most of you

Aug. 15 - 19: Inservice Week (from Laurie O'Neill)

8/15: Campus Day - (More than likely we will have TTESS training today)

8/16: Elementary: Campus Day; Secondary: District Day

8/17: Elementary: District Day; Secondary: Campus Day

8/18: TBD (I know elementary has Meet the Teacher that night so that has been taken into consideration and as soon as the plan for Aug. 18 is known -- I'll send)

8/19: Morning --Convocation @ CHS Arena / Afternoon -- TBD


Happy Birthday


3) Megan Kelley

5) Kirby Leonard

18) Skye Bryant

27) Kelly Fischetti


4) Ana Vizcaya

10) Debbie Etheridge

15) Sara Beth Tuffnell

19) Rachelle Hendricks

26) Jennifer Hendricks

29) Margaret Little

Denim Days...

Wednesday - our last college day Tee opportunity

Thursday - Please wear your Positively Awesome Tee