Getting to Know Smore

A Digital Flier That Gets You Noticed

Classroom or School Newsletters

Easily create a classroom, school, or department newsletter that gets noticed. Smore claims that it is impossible to create an ugly flier. They might be right. Smore makes it easy to create a newsletter/flier that has a designer look. You can also add text, photos, video, sound, art, links, etc. with just a few simple clicks.

Our parents are getting inundated with digital information. If we're going to take the time to communicate what is happening in our classrooms, departments, and schools, doesn't it make sense to create a newsletter that won't go unnoticed? Plus, Smore provides analytics so that you can tell if your newsletter is actually being read.

Click on the flier below to see how I taught my students' parents about the Daily 5. The Daily 5 is an exciting structure that is used in many reading classes grades K-8 across the country. It is gaining popularity but was new to my students' parents. I used Smore to teach parents about this new structure so that they could understand how reading instruction "looked" in my classroom. Students were excited to show their parents the Animoto video. Originally produced to share the Daily 5 at a faculty meeting, it provided a great hook. I got tremendous feedback on this flier.

Flip Your Classroom

If you are like me, you feel there could never be enough time in the day. There are too few moments to deliver my instruction, give students an opportunity to interact with the content, practice, support students in acquiring the essential skills and strategies they need, and allow time so they can demonstrate that they understand the content and have acquired said skills and can employ strategies. Wow! We all need more time.

If you're like me, you have taken the time to painstakingly pull together PowerPoint presentations so that you can front load your lessons. In this way, kids can access lessons at home or while they're independent in the classroom. Meanwhile, you're able to work with other students. Still, PowerPoint has grown a little old for me...and my young students. Smore is another way to deliver instruction so that you're freed up to work with students.

Again, a Smore flier can include text, photos, videos, links, sound clips, etc. Having the whole lesson on one flier that can be accessed from any device makes learning simple. No more downloading PowerPoint presentations or worries about compatibility. Connecting your students to your lesson is as easy as sharing a link!

Charged with addressing so many standards in so little time, I created a Smore flier to address just one of my many science standards. My students loved using the classroom iPads to access the flier from home and during reading workshop time. By front loading any necessary background knowledge, I can make the most of my in class time with the students. Instead of delivering and listening to content based lectures, we spent our time together planting, experimenting, and observing. The flipped classroom and Smore makes hands on learning possible in a classroom with a time crunch.

Student Projects

Because Smore is so easy to use it is a great platform for student use too! Students can use Smore to communicate their learning. Imagine how motivated your students will be when they see how sophisticated their work can look. They will be able to share written reports, speeches, videos, their art work, photos, and links with ease. They can share their work with you by emailing a link to their flier. No more thumb drives or bulky PowerPoints!

I've shared two projects below. The first is a project on the Wampanoags done my third grade students. Each group researched their topics connected to the Wampanoags. In the end, they decided how they wanted to share what they learned. Some chose video, some chose audio clip and others chose written text. They loved working with me to produce their part. I was happy with the end product and they loved sharing their work with family near and far. (Unfortunately, the SoundCloud clips associated with this flier are no longer available as I had to make room in my cloud for this year's work! Still, you'll get a good idea of how they can be incorporated.) This Smore flier does show how Vimeo Video can be incorporated into a flier.

The second project is one done by my daughter. Her teacher assigned an immigration/nation project. One of the project options was to create a PowerPoint presentation. Her teacher was flexible and allowed Caroline to use Smore instead. Caroline chose to research England as her dad is part English. Caroline also takes dance where one of her classmates, Charlie, has recently immigrated from England. She loved interviewing Charlie about England and embedding the video.

An Invitation

Send an invitation with a little more pizzazz! Invitees can RSVP with a simple click once they access your Smore flier. I used Smore to send out an invitation to a play that my students were performing. It culminated our third grade unit on SPACE. Check out the below invitation. This Smore flier features the use of SoundCloud.
Click on "Ready to Get Started?" and you'll be directed to a YouTube video that will walk you through all the basics.


I'd love to continue to support you as you experiment with Smore. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any question you might have. Also, if you have some success with Smore, I'd love to see your work. In this field, we rely on one another for support and inspiration. I'd love to help and I look forward to being inspired by the creative ways you'll use Smore.