Big Era 6 & 7

Similarities and Differences

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Big Era 6: Why is this time period called the Great Convergence?

This time period is called the great convergence because of merging countries, trade, and inventions.
According to Era06.ppt, "Change accelerated when everything came together." Convergence means to come together, so the time period big era 6 was chalked full of change because of convergence.
"Trade increased with increased demand for supplies" (Era06.ppt). Therefore, with everything expanding and changing, people were influenced by the demand for supplies.
According to Era06.ppt "Many scientific discoveries and inventions surfaced." Many inventions converged people together for example Gutenberg's printing press brought people together to buy books.

Big Era 7: What changes occurred that made era 7 different from era 6?

Era 7 was different from Era 6 because of fossil fuels, governments, and modernized economies.
"Fossil fuels, democratic politics, and communication all bundled up" (Era07.ppt). Big Era 7 became more industrialized by turning to natural resources.
According to Era07.ppt "Government played a greater role than ever before in peoples life." In big Era 7 they had governments which help people with liberty, equality, and nationalism.
"Modernized economies, maintained the independence" (Era07.ppt). Era 7 differs from Era 6 because their modernized economies ensured independence.