State of the School Update


State of the School Update

Hello, Folks.

It was wonderful seeing so many smiling faces in the auditorium last night. Remember, if you attended, you will be able to claim 2 service hours for the event. I am attaching the slide show for anyone who wants to view the information presented last night. Here are a few of the highlights, as well:

  • 1/3 of the Depaving project was done last summer ($50,000) and the remaining 2/3 will be completed this summer. This means a new play area and the addition of a play field ($100,000). This is completely covered by grants. We still need to raise money for the new play structures, though, so that will be this year's Fund-a-Need at the Crab Feed and Auction.
  • Crab Feed and Auction is coming up on Feb. 10th. We hope to have the majority of our families participating either as guests or volunteers.
  • The Juan Diego Academy (Two-Way Immersion Program) will continue to roll up into the middle school next year and we are committed to continuing it all the way up to 8th grade.
  • JDA Model for next year: Pre-K 3 & 4 is 100% Spanish, KG is 90% Spanish and 10% English, 1st - 6th is 50% Spanish and 50% English (7th and 8th grade are 100% English next year)
  • We are the only Catholic School in Pierce County that has continued a positive enrollment trend since 2010.
  • Registration starts Monday for current families.
  • There is a new Tuition Policy (see in the slideshow). Families who are behind with payments this year will be required to use FACTs for payment, so that we can reduce the amount of time being spent on collecting tuition payments next year. There is a lot of important information, so please read it carefully. It is also in Renweb on the Tuition Payment Form.
  • The 18-19 School Calendar is also attached to this Smore. You can download both documents!

Survey Results

Here is an overview of the survey results:

  • 59% of families responded to the survey
  • 84% of of respondents either strongly agree or agree that things are going well for their child(ren) academically this year.
  • 90% of of respondents either strongly agree or agree that things are going well for their child(ren) socially this year.
  • The vast majority of people feel that they are too busy to have more social events in the evening/weekends at school.
  • The vast majority of people feel that there are enough volunteers opportunities available to them this year.

Thank you for taking the time for this survey. We will be following up next week with anyone who has not yet received a call, but wished to be contacted to further discuss the survey.