Hello, in my easter I went to cazorla with my friend an my uncles and my cousing Miguel

The days

we went from 10 to 14 April
We met at 7:30 in the morning.

When we stopped for a breakfast, we saw many people from Villena in a bar in Albacete.

We went to a house called Navahondona where we go every year in a small town called Arroyo frio.

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We went to walk a route called LA CERRADA DE UTRERO where there is a huge waterfall. Every year we take a foto in group there.Is a very beautiful place.

somedays we do a route .

for five hours walk, we walk by LA CERRADA DE ELIAS
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The foxes

Every year at nigth we put meat fot the foxes.

And finally

Every year we take a foto all together,but I don't have this picture I have the first year.
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I hope you enjoyed

bye bye