John Paul Jones

My project on how John Paul Jones influenced the Revolution.

He was introduced to sailing and sea life at a young age.

John Paul at an early age was very interested in being a sailor. When he played with his friends as a small child he would always pretend to be the admiral of the fleet. At 13 it was no longer just pretend, he set out on his first sea voyage. At 21 the young outgoing crew member was promoted to captain of the ship. His vast experience helped him greatly during the time in which he fought in the American Revolution.

His rough family life helped him to become a great leader.

He left his family when he was 13 to go on a sea voyage while most children of that age are still dependent on their parents. His brother who he had not seen in years, passed away just before John Paul visited his home in America.

"I have not yet begun to fight!"

His bravery strengthened the U.S Navy and struck fear in the hearts of the British.

When fighting a british flagship much bigger than his own, John Paul Jones Shouted these words when prompted to surrender "I have not yet begun to fight!" This saying was passed through the navy's men and strengthened their morale greatly. However that is not the only place John's words fell, the british now not only respected the American Navy but feared it.

How he influenced America

John Paul Jones influenced America by improving their war strategy and showing that the navy is a valuble and deadly source if used correctly. Not only did he improve their tactics but also their mindset, at the time the English were kidnapping American sailors, so when John Paul Jones begun to fight, everyone started to feel more safe and less worried about being kidnapped and more worried about fighting.
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Naval Accomplishments

John Paul Jones recieved many high ranks throughout many different nations navys including Russia, France and our own United States. He recieved the ranking of admiral in the US. The rank of rear admiral in the russian navy. And captain of a french ship in the navy. He fought in many major battles in multiple wars including the American revolution.


John Paul jones died on September 27th of natural causes and is buried in the national Naval cemetery.