How to look GREAT at 65 Years Old

Here are some tips on aging beautifully and keeping in shape

Find the Proper Diet

Women should be getting about 1800 calories daily, while men should receive more at 2300 calories. Fruit, like berries and melons, are best. Get your veggies: yams, dark leafy greens, carrots, and squash. Maintaining bone health is very important, and that's why you should be taking in milk, cheese, and yogurt. Eating pastas, breads, cereals, and other whole grains will also be beneficial for your fiber levels. Instead of red meat, fish, beans, peas, eggs, nuts, seeds, low fat milk, and cheese will better your diet and keep you looking young.


Exercise is VERY Important!

Do you want to keep your extremities loose and flexible? Or would you rather be the crazy cat lady down the street? She doesn't exercise, just feeds her cats. Go for walks around the neighborhood. There are many neighborhood associations where you can find time to spend with other neighbors, as well as stay active. Lift weights, do squats, practice yoga, ride a bicycle, and go bowling. These are many ways to stay agile and keep your blood flowing.

Keep Yourself from Feeling Socially Isolated

Nobody wants to feel alone, especially when you're surrounded by people. Buy yourself a plant or animal to take care of. Everybody loves cats and dogs. Especially that crazy cat lady (maybe don't go that far). Talk to your neighbors! You can plan a dinner with them, and your friends. Don't just let yourself go, and don't let anybody send you to a nursing home.

Get away from the stress every once in a while

How? Take a plane out of the country, or go on a road trip. Life is too short to be stressed, and so you should travel your heart out. However, make sure you research and plan ahead for your vacation. Be sure to prepare documentation, especially if you are fleeing the country. Think about the safety, security, and comfort of your trip, but don't burden yourself too much.

Dealing With Depression when Old

As an elderly person you may find yourself quite in a pickle with your feelings when your significant other passes on. When in this state of mind be sure to branch out, isolating yourself will just make the mourning harder on yourself. Be sure to play bingo with your fellow old friends from back in highschool.

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