Natural skin care for your kid

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Tips for the natural skin care for kids

What is sweeter than a smooth and soft skin of a kid/newborn? The skin of your baby is a barrier of protection as well, and it must be taken care of. Although have now started to put their hands on different kinds of skin care products, nothing ever beats the beauty and effect of nature and natural care. Following are the best “natural skin care for your kid.

1. Bath Time

With all the children’s cosmetic products attracting you to sink your kid into them, it is important to know about the bath time and bath care. Doctors recommend that if not necessary, your child should be given bath only thrice a week till the age of 1.

During the bath, the kid’s cosmetic products like the soap, shampoo and bath creams should only be used in the required areas. Doctor Sonia Badeshi, a child dermatologist says “use the Kids cosmetic products only on the areas required, water everywhere is fine and enough”

It is important to select a mild cleanser from the children’s cosmetic products range that will keep the moisture of your baby’s skin. Always avoid the bar soaps for your kids.

2. Block the Sun

As important the vitamin D is, keep your baby out of the sun’s reach till the age when his/her skin is able to handle the heat without affecting it. Use a tightly woven piece of sloth with full pants and full sleeves. For your kid’s skin, use a recommended light sunscreen lotion. Be careful of the eyes and lips.

3. The Tosh

Diapers can be the most harmful for your child’s skin when too wet or exposed to friction due to rubbing. All that is affecting the skin of your child, And in case you didn’t know earlier know this: it affects the skin of your kid’s whole body. To avoid this, take care of this very sensitive area by keeping it clean and washing it twice a day. Use the children’s natural cosmetic product wipes for cleaning that are alcohol free.

4. Laundry

This part is crucial. Always take care of the products you are using for the laundry of your kid’s cloth. Avoid using fabric softener. Pick the ones that state “free and clear” for they have no chemicals and are nice to your kid’s skin. Another most important concern dermatologists have is that the cleansers and washing powders are not properly taken out. Make sure that you have thoroughly cleansed the washing powder with water.

5. Moisturize

What is better and more complete than a good moisturizer? The skin of children is sensitive and prone to dryness and scratches. Moisturizers are the best friend of your child’s skin. children’s natural cosmetic product are found in a wide range with a good amount of healthy and skin caring moisturizers. Moisturize your baby’s skin as often as possible especially during the winter season. Dermatologist prefer skin creams over lotions, as they have a better and stronger quantity of moisturizers as compared to the lotions at