Team 9 Update

Issue 3 August 23, 2019

At JCMS, we know that helping our students achieve success is a group effort. We appreciate all the family support that helps us help our students. In an effort to create a bridge between home and school, Team 9 will be using Smore to create newsletters to keep you informed of team happenings, school events, policies, and news of interest.

Spanish Translation Phone Line 785-717-4428

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Upcoming Events

We will post events and reminders in this section. Check back often to see updates. You can also check the school calendar here: or the athletic calendar here:

Monday, August 26th-

  • Study Session at lunch (Mrs. Williams's math)

Tuesday, August 27th-

  • modified schedule for Camfel Productions "Go Viral" Assembly
  • Quiz in Mrs. Williams's math class

Wednesday, August 28th-

  • Morning tutoring (Mrs. Williams's math)

Thursday, August 29th-

  • Lunch tutoring (Mrs. Williams's math)

Friday August 30th-

  • WINN time Academic Success

* NO School on Monday, September 2nd

Team 9 Core Classes

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, we will be wrapping up our first text for Unit 1, which is the article "Why We Lie" by Alex Lickerman. Our first quiz of the year also covers ideas from this text. Students have a study guide, and they are allowed prepare a 3 X 5 note card for support on the quiz. I will give each student a note card for this!

After this, we will be moving on to a short story titled "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl--one of my favorite stories! I know students will enjoy it too.

Students have just completed the first round of reading assessments for Language Arts. MAZE & ORF scores will be available for students to see very soon!

Remind Notifications

Would you like to receive important reminders and announcements from me about this class and Team 9? Follow these directions-

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Math- Mrs. Williams

Hello, Team 9 Families!

Welcome to week 3! In math this week will be solving one and two step equations. We will be taking our time with these topics to make sure our students get a great foundation.

  • Quiz on Tuesday over Order of Operations, Integer Operations, and Evaluating Expressions. Check Schoology in the Yellow Introduction folder for links to helpful videos, practice, class notes, and more. Your INB is your best tool for studying. Come in Monday at lunch for a Study Session.
  • Absences: it is important that your student come to school as often as they can. When a student misses, they need to plan a time to come in and catch up. See tutor schedule below for times.
  • Homework will go home Monday, August 26th and be due Friday, August 30th.

Tutoring Times:

Monday Study Session at lunch- quiz Tuesday

Wednesday at 7:15 AM

Thursday at lunch

Friday during WINN time

Please email or call if you have questions. I look forward to working as a team to help your student be successful this year!

Jamie Williams


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Ask your students about this engraving and they should be able to tell you about it!

US History

This week we have begun our study of the American colonists and why they became upset with the British. I wrote a FAKE letter from our superintendent Dr. Eggleston that announced policy changes such as a 5 cent fee on every piece of paper students received. This was a simulation designed to get students to think about how they would feel if excessive taxes that they had no say over affected their everyday lives. I was happy with how many students believed this was true, but I hope parents understand THIS WAS NOT REAL!

Next we covered the three regions within the 13 colonies: New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies and how they were unique.

On Thursday we made a connection back to the letter to Dr. Eggleston as we detailed some of the reasons for colonist anger.

Friday, we read the Declaration of Independence and worked on a Scavenger Hunt.

Next week-

We will review on Monday and then begin a Document Based Question (DBQ): Would you have quit at Valley Forge? Students will look at authentic, primary source documents and work to determine if they would have stuck with the Colonial Army or gone home and quit.

It has been a great start to the year and I am having a blast teaching your students!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Ben Trenary



This week we've been working together to come up with investigation ideas in order to answer our questions on sound from our record player from last Friday!

Students have done awesome at asking questions and figuring out our next steps! Students decided that the first thing we should do to figure out what's happening is look at a record playing up close as well as a record with a magnifying glass. We started this Friday and will continue our investigations into next week!

It has been so fun watching students take ownership of their learning and build a learning community in the classroom! I can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes us!

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Breanna Temaat


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