Karok Tribe

By: Jayden Morgan

What houses they lived in

Men and boys above age 3 lived in a sweat house made of rough cut cider or fir trees. Women and girls lived in a similar just a bit bigger.

What Tools They Had and How They Were Made

They used wood and elk horns to make pickaxes. Then they were able to get obsidian and metal from rocks. They made bow and arrows they bow was made of yew wood and string. The arrows were made of obsidian, syringa wood, and feathers. They mad canoeś to travel down the long rivers they lived by.

What clothes they had and how they were made.

They made moccasins. They made deer skin moccasins for the summer and in the winter they made moccasins out of bear fur. Women wore fringed deer skin aprons decorated with shells and pine nuts. Men wore Fringed deer skin as leggings and shirts and bear fur as a coat.

What they hunted and gathered and what they ate.

The hunted bear, deer, elk, and fished for fish. They gathered acorns, seeds, and and roots to eat in meals.


They would harvest all of the acorns then they would do a deerskin dance. In the spring the would do the jumping dance.
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Karok Legends and Myths

Ikxareyavs: The inhabitants of the mythic age.Their physical state is very fluid. After death the eventually become plants or animals we know today.
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