The Culture and Traditions Of Chile

BY: Tiffany Elder

A little information on chile..

It's in the southern South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean.

The capital is Santiago.

The language and Religion

Chile is a blend of different Spanish cultures. Spanish is the main language in Chile but there is also Mapudungun Which is spoke between the Itata and Tolten river. The other language is Aymara and it is spoken in the mountains in the North.

The Religion is mostly Roman Catholic but there is some that are Protestant. Religion is very important to them and it plays a huge role in their social and political life. They celebrate Saint's Day aS much as their birthday.

Chile's Culture

Chile's culture expresses itself through its art, movies, and music. Music and dancing has been the most important to chile's culture for a long time. The clothing that they wear at like celebrations

Chile's Traditions..

They have a cooking tradition. If your on the coast they cook seafood and meat with a mix of German food. In the south, they are more in the BBQ tradition but mainly when they celebrate the wine harvest.

The chilean rodeo is a custom and a national sport. They put riders to the test of trying to rope young bulls. Who ever wins becomes the star of the tradition tell the next year.

More Traditions...

Most of their traditions are passed down from centuries ago or a century ago. There is a lot of traditions but here is a few of them.

One of the most popular traditions that they have is the Fiestas Patrias. This is called in english, Independence Festivities. This is held on September 18 and 19. This is day that the First Assembly of the government in 1810.
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