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Issue 2, September 25, 2018
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Challenge Success Tackling Student Wellness

On September 14th and 15th, a small team of staff, students, and parents traveled to Stanford University to attend workshops led by top scholars from Stanford and Yale as well as Educators from around the nation. Workshops centered on how to create a school climate that supports students’ wellness and addresses the many demands on teenagers today (e.g. sleep schedules, workload balance, social outlets, etc.). Foothill’s team began a yearlong project, identifying areas of growth and brainstorming ways to support students achieve their goals while supporting their physical and mental health as well. In the coming weeks and months, this team will be working on these issues with help from a Challenge Success coach and will be reaching out to students, staff, and parents to get more input and share the team’s progress.

History Class is Fun!

In Mrs. Dale's World History class students worked on researching past leaders and thinkers. They conducted a forum analyzing the beliefs of each person's idea of government. 'Could people be trusted to govern?' was the essential question. Each representative had to answer the essential question and be able to defend their beliefs. At the end of the forum, they had to line up the leaders from 'most autocratic' to 'most democratic'. All students had to participate to facilitate this line up. In the picture you will find the outcome of how students placed themselves in government ranking. History class is fun!

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Danny Montaino Making a Difference

Thank you so much for speaking to my students. After you left, they immediately started spreading positivity to others around them. You were outstanding and I hope you continue to spread optimism with your words!

Another Awesome Kick Off for AVID

It’s only September, but it has already been a busy year in Advancement Via Individual Determination classes! AVID Seniors have been immersed in refining their academic brag sheets and have also begun the arduous task of completing college applications. After meeting with Mr. Lee to review their individual goals, these seniors are getting ahead of the game and are already planning out the next steps in achieving their college dreams.

Meanwhile, Ms. Dang’s Juniors are steeped in both academics and community service. Along with getting a head start on SAT prep, juniors also completed a digital breakout where they learned all about the impact of their own digital footprints. Students are getting involved in the community outside the classroom, too: last week, fifteen AVID juniors began their ten-week commitment to mentor students at Loma Vista Elementary School.

In Ms. Subherwal’s Sophomore classes, students have worked hard at refining both their focused note-taking skills and their inquiry skills during AVID tutorial sessions. Our awesome AVID tutors have risen to the occasion and have continue to challenge the students every step of the way.

And then there’s our Freshmen: led by Mr. Alejo and Ms. Duesler, the freshmen are learning all that it takes to be an AVID Knight. They are finding ways to get involved on campus and learning what it takes to truly thrive at Foothill.

So many great things are happening in AVID! What’s next? We'll be off to UC San Diego for a tour of the college campus!

Are you an AVID parent who wants to learn more about what's happening with FHS AVID? Visit us at

Link Crew

On Monday, August 13th, Link Crew welcomed the class of 2022 to Foothill High School. Made up of juniors and seniors, all 135 Link Crew Leaders spent the evening passing out schedules, showing off their campus, and enjoying tacos with the newest members of the Foothill Family. For the past several weeks, Link Crew has been very busy planning and leading activities for freshmen during tutorial period. In small groups of 20, freshmen have been able to learn more about Foothill and how to get connected on campus. To get connected to Link Crew and upcoming freshmen events, text "@fresh22fhs" to the number 81010.

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Congratulations Fatima Mejia

Fatima Mejia was selected as Soroptimist’s Young Woman of achievement and honored at the Soroptimist ’s Young Women of Achievement luncheon. Her counselor, Lisa Hermanson and Fatima’s mother Hilda attended a luncheon in her honor.

Several Colleges Visit the Career Center.

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Celebrating Homecoming Season

Hey Knights! Last week, all students were personally invited by the ASB Team to the 2018 Homecoming Dance! ASB still has tons of exciting things going on as we get further into the Homecoming Season! First off, you have two more weeks to buy your tickets to the Homecoming Dance. Make sure you do, because you definitely do not want to miss out! This week, ticket prices are $40 with ASB and $45 without ASB for singles. For couples, they are $70 with ASB and $75 without. Next week, the prices will go up, so buy now! Also this week, we have the Homecoming Assembly on Friday the 25th! We’re super excited for this assembly, and we hope you are too! Then, to finish our week out, on Friday night from 7-10 pm at the Foothill Track, we have a Movie Knight! Since our Homecoming theme this year is The “Knight”Teen Twenties, we will be playing The Great Gatsby! Anybody is welcome, and admission is free! Bring blankets and chairs to get comfortable and watch the movie! We will also be selling lots of candy and popcorn, so make sure to stop by and grab a sweet treat! We hope to see you there Knights! Have a great week.

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