The Lovely Bones


  • In the movie and book they both have the same settings and characters.
  • In the movie and book the same thing happens pretty much.
  • Same story line in the movie and book.
  • They both have the exact same theme.
  • The killer dies in both of them.
  • The book and movie are also the same because the family moves on in both.


  • Some events happen in a different order in the movie
  • The movie takes years away
  • They act different than what they were like in the book
  • The movie leaves out some needed details unlike the book had them all
  • Somethings are different in the movie
  • Lindsay and Samuel get married and have a baby in the book, but not in the movie
  • The dad has a heart attack that is talked about in the book unlike the movie
  • They found her charm and bracelet in the book, the movie didn't have that
  • The mom cheats with the detective then leaves for 7 years, in the movie she never cheated and she only left for 2 years.