War Over

North Wins!

Slaves Freed by 13th Amendment

Freedom Rings for slaves in the South. The Civil War is finally over and, thanks to the 13th Amendment, all slaves will soon be free. On other news, the President has been helping to repair the South. They are calling this new program Reconstruction.
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Equal Rights?

The 14th Amendment has been passed, and congrats to all of you who were born in the U.S. You are now a U.S. citizen! The 14th Amendment also states that every citizen deserves due process and equal protection. Due process is fair treatment in a court of law, with unbiased jury, and a sufficient lawyer. Equal Protection is were everyone in the U.S. must receive equal rights from the government.

The votes are in...

Guess what? All men that are U.S. citizens are now able to vote, thanks to the 14th Amendment! Women are still fighting for their rights, however. Even though men of all races are able to vote, some of the ballots of African Americans were stolen, or just not counted at all.
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