WMS Best Books List 2015-2016

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Students at WMS read a lot of books and make great recommendations! What was your favorite book this year? Maybe you had more than one! Share them all on the form below and we'll compile a list of the WMS Best Books of 2015-2016, and share it with everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books can I recommend?

You can recommend any books that you read this year! They don't have to be new books, or award winners. They can be fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels biographies or series. It just needs to be your favorite this year! If you have any questions, come to see Ms. Waldron!

Can I recommend more than 1 book?

YES! Recommend as many as you like!

How long do I have to make a recommendation?

We'll be collecting recommendations until Friday, May 6. You can add books up until that date!