Be yourself

Hayden Christensen period 1/2

Analysis of Development of Theme

In "Freak the Mighty" the characterization of Max and his dad develop the theme. In the story Max's dad is described as big,mean,"a huge shape in the room" on page 100, as tall as Max but wider. He has a nickname of "Killer Kane" because he killed his wife by chocking her to death. Max is tall and looks like his dad but thinner. Max acts nothing like "Killer Kane" but acts like his mom and she was nice and sweet. "Killer Kane" went to prison because he killed Max's mom and just got out of prison a few years later. "Killer Kane" wanted to see what Max looked like but he wasn't supposed to even go near where Max lived or else he would have to go to prison. This created a conflict because "Killer Kane" kidnapped Max during the night to see what he looked like. He also wanted to make Max act like him and come live with him. This is an example of the theme because "Killer Kane" wants Max to act like him but Max "Be yourself" and not have to be like his father. Another example is that "Freak" Max's new friend has a physical disability and is growing inside but not outside. But that doesn't stop Freak from "Being yourself". Freak still goes on his quests and travels places to do what he loves.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme that you need to be yourself and you don't have to be like your parents. The author developed this theme well enough for an audience because in "Freak the Mighty" Freak has a physical disability but that doesn't stop him from going on quests and adventures. Also Max's dad is trying to get Max to live with him and act like him but Max knows that his dad killed his mother and he doesn't want to be like him.

The theme relates to me because if I were to act like everyone else then life would be boring and nothing new would happen. If everyone acted the same then every score on the test would be the same as everyone else's. Also if we were writing about if we should have homework or no homework all of the answers would be the same. Plus everyone would have the same opinion so everyday life would always be the same. That's why you should "Be yourself" and make your own choices.

visual representations of theme


"Freak the Mighty" is a book about two unlikely friends. The main character is Max and he has a dad called "Killer Kane". His dad is called that because he killed his wife and goes to prison. Since Max's dad is in prison Max has to live with his grandma and grandpa at their house. They get a new neighbor and the family has a boy named Freak and a mom named "The Fair Gwen". Freak has a physical disability and is growing in the inside but not on the outside. Freak and Max quickly become best friends and go on quests and adventures together. Also Max has a learning disability and thinks he is dumb and stupid. Freak is really small but super smart, and Max is tall and dumb. They call themselves "Freak The Mighty."