Maverick Minutes

Week of 2/8-2/12


By now most of you know the meaning behind #keeppounding. If not, the short version is former panther player/coach Sam Mills was diagnosed with cancer and decided he had two options…give up or keep pounding. The mantra has been branded for the Carolina Panthers and in other organizations across the Carolinas, the nation and even the world. The phrase gives us hope, courage, determination and perseverance…terms I believe to be important in the lives of our students, especially during the middle school years. There is a method behind the madness of school pictures, pep rallies and pride. First, it is important for students to have fun. I absolutely value your instructional time, but I also believe that part of student performance successes will be automatic when students enjoy coming to school. Secondly, I believe that we have to seize the moments to make connections for them. We have to take moments where we can give students examples of hope, courage, determination and perseverance…moments to encourage them to #keeppounding. Those moments have to be engaging for them where a connection can be made. Finally, these activities allow student to be part of something bigger than they can imagine. One schoolwide picture, ten minutes of chaos, one moment on a beautiful Friday morning has landed in the hands of WBTV, FoxNews and ESPN! Put all this into perspective with kids first and what an opportunity we have given them. Thank you for your patience and positivity as we continue to #keeppounding!

Hickory Ridge Middle School 2016 Teacher of the Year!

I am so honored and proud to announce that Chase Tinnel has been selected by his peers as HiRMS 2016 Teacher of the Year. Chase wears many hats at HiRMS. He is a team player and a true advocate of doing what is best for students first. A member of our 8th grade social studies team, Mr. Tinnel serves as a PLC chair, track coach, and SLT chair. He is in the Cabarrus County Leadership Cohort, sponsors the run club and is coordinator of the National Geographic Bee in which we have had state qualifiers for two consecutive years. Earlier in the year, Mr. Tinnel represented HiRMS as a recipent of the Impact for Teachers for Cabarrus County Schools. At the time his peers said, “Simply put, Chase Tinnel is a Leader. He leads in the classroom with his students and content always at the forefront of his decisions. Chase has led and continues to lead the SIT by advocating for staff and students when decisions are put in front of the team. Chase always has a positive attitude and consistently maintains professionalism. Congratulations Chase Tinnel!

One student's good deed...

When a student is persistent in getting our attention to do a good deed, it is so rewarding to see the payoff. Jeff Ebert set out to collect unwanted food in the cafeteria and gather it each day to take to a local pantry. Look at the payoff of that good deed! Way to go Jeff!
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Around the Ridge…Engaging Activities

A Look at Standards Posted and Walls that Teach in Mrs. Whipple's Room!

Student Teacher's in Action!

Still Undefeated! Keep Ballin Mavericks!

Both 7th grade teams are undefeated with the latest wins over NWCM and Winkler Middle School. Tuesday the boys will face an undefeated Kannapolis team. The next home game will be Thursday against Harris Road. Please come out and support our teams!

Morning Announcements

If you have an announcement to be announced and you email administration, PLEASE send that to Rose and Anna as well. They print those off each morning and have them ready to be read!

Events for 2/8-2/12

2/8: SLT @ 4:00 in MC

2/9: Basketball vs. Kannapolis away

2/10: Grade Level Meetings

2/11: Basketball vs. Harris Road @ home