1. Who are the homeless? How can you help them? People with no home or job to support themselves. Donate to them. donating any amount of change or cash would really be appreciated to them.

2. Discuss organizations in your community that help homeless people? American Urban Homeless Outreach. The AUHO provides food, water, and shelter for homeless people.

3. Children who are homeless don’t perform well in school. Why? What can be done to help them? They don’t have a safe environment to live in. Teachers should take extra time to work with them during or after school.

4. Find statistics about how many children in the United States/Ohio are homeless. Discuss. 10.5% in the U.S are homeless. The percentage of homeless in Ohio is also 10.5%.

5. What laws have helped children of the homeless to get an education? Education of homeless youth law. The law helps homeless children for educational purposes.