Come to Mercury

Earth's Favorite Sibling

Mercury is An Amazing Place to Be

A year on Mercury is 88 days, so if you want to go on vacation for a year, but don't want to do it the normal "Earth" way, be someone special and come to Mercury.

10 Facts

Now some people ask me " Alec, I know Mercury is a great place and all, but show me a reason, show me facts", so that's what I'm going to do.

  • A year is 88 days on Mercury
  • We're the second most dense planet in the solar system
  • You're not going to die on Mercury during the night,even though we are so close to the Sun
  • We have an atmosphere(kinda)
  • We have 38% gravity of Earth
  • We look a lot like the Moon, so we will feel homey
  • A large part of the surface is dried lava