Armando Garcia

Well Mannered, Math Lover, Responsible, and Humble.

Life Quote

 “ There is nothing  either good or bad  but thinking makes it so” -William Shakespeare

My Personal Symbol

 A symbol that would best represent me is a Peace Sign due to the fact that I do not like to fight or to get in any type of conflict.

My Future

 My future goals are to Finish my masters degree in the engineering / architect field. As well as having a family to fully pay my bills and have a good job. My dreams are to graduate from Texas A&M

My Childhood

Childhood: They way I was when I was a toddler was that I was very selfish and I always wanted everything to myself and I was always very active and alert around my surroundings. They way I remember my first day of second grade was seeing a lot of new people and I was just very nervous because I was new to that school. I was the type of person that always hated the first day’s of school. When school had ended I went straight to doing my homework and then after that I want to go watch sponge bob until I went to sleep.

Me in a Nutshell

Nutshell : I am Armando A. Garcia, I am a very nice friendly and alert. Things that are important to me are my family, friends, and God. I am 14- years old, and Loves the Subject Math. I am known to be a very responsible and taking charge person. I turn in my homework on time for every class and try my best on every test, and likes sports, video games, and School.

Pet Peeves

  • Homework Bugs Staar Tests Germs Allergies Little Brother Data Entry Security Guards Tight Places Thorns
  • Bugs
  • Staar Tests
  • Germs
  • Allergies
  • Data Entry
  • Security Guards at this school
  • Tight places
  • Thorns
  • Roaches

Just the Basics

 Age: 14 Parents: Miriam and Rogelio Garcia Brother (s): Polo Sister (s): Daniela,  and Mariana Pets: Dogs and Cats Birth City: Laredo Birthday: 4/16/00 Religion: Catholic

Little Facts about Me

I’ve lived in Laredo since the day I was born until now.I have met alot of Athletes from the NBA and NFL. I have met Tony parker, I have met Jason Witten, I’ve gone ice skating, I’ve gone snowboarding, I have met Danny green. I’m very good at bike riding and jogging long distances.

My Hero

 The person I really admire is my mom because she has really gone through hard times. She has really put a lot of effort and sacrifices to all of my family. She goes to work and comes back in the afternoon to come and help us. She does that everyday and pushes herself harder and harder.

My free Time

What I do in my free time is study, play outside, play in my ps3, or just be in my iPad. Then at times i just walk around my neighborhood or play basketball. Another thing I do is play games in my computer or in my ps3 with my friends. The way I spend my afternoon is depending whether I had school that day or not. If I have school I spend it doing homework and studying if its not a school day I go outside or spend time with family.

Personal Projects