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Guy Fawkes: Jacobean terrorist or misunderstood freedom fighter?

Every year the English celebrate the foiling of The Gunpowder Plot. We build bonfires, explode fireworks and burn effigies of the country's most infamous 'plotter'. But what are we really celebrating? More to the point should we be celebrating the avoidance of arson and murder or commiserating the torture off a would be hero? How different might our history be if Fawkes had been successful?

The History bit...

Traitor to the crown or defender of the faith?

Guy Fawkes was planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill a King but why would somebody want to risk their life on such a thing? Was Guy Fawkes a terrorist or a freedom fighter?

Watch this brief history of Guy Fawkes to understand his behaviour a little bit better!

The Story of Guy Fawkes