2015 Year In Review

Jarran Falwell Period 2

Three companies that marketed themselves the best:

Nike- In 2015 Nike must have had a great marketing team as they had their most profitable year in North America as it was 40% of its annual revenue. In 2015 Nike also signed Lebron James to a lifetime deal, which should continue to help their products sell as Lebron is the best player in the world as of now.

Apple- Apple was one of the most successful companies in 2015 as it usually is. Apple released another phone in the popular IPhone series, the IPhone 6s. The 6s even introduced a new color trying to add even more sales than the phone was already going to get.

Top 2 Products in 2015

IPhone 6s- Apple's latest IPhone released in 2015 and it generated more sales than any other IPhone in the first three days with selling 13 million phones in three days.

Hoverboard- The hoverboard was released in 2015 and it created nothing but excitement for most people, they have the same technology as a segway and makes moving around easier for most people.

Worst Products of 2015

Gun Shaped Iphone Case- This invention just sounds like a terrible idea, and needless to say it was an awful idea as it can be mistaken for a real gun and that is especially terrible in the U.S where gun violence is at an all time high. Picture Not Available

OCD Target Ugly Sweater- Target tried to take advantage of ugly sweaters being in style and have the sweater say "Obsessive Christmas Disorder", but they failed miserably when they made fun of a mental issue. This product was taken down as social media was outraged with the product and made target stop selling the product.

Top 2 Movies of 2015

Hundreds of movies came out in 2015 but the best two in my opinion was Creed and Star Wars.

Creed- Creed added onto the great movie series of Rocky in 2015 by coming out with a movie about Apollo Creed's son and his journey to becoming a professional boxer with former boxing legend Rocky Balboa. Creed was advertised a lot on television commercials as another great movie in the Rocky series.

Star Wars- The 7th episode of Star Wars released in late 2015, but the advertising did not start in 2015 this movie has been advertised for several years now and was advertised heavily throughout 2015. This movie probably was the most hyped up movie of year to a lot of people.

Top 2 Music Artist in 2015

Drake- In 2015 Drake released a lot of songs that were very popular, whether it was for a short period of time or long term, Drake released several hits in 2015.

Fetty Wap- In 2015 Fetty Wap released a lot of hits as well, only difference between him and Drake in that aspect is Fetty Wap did it while being a new artist, he also was voted as top new artist on Billboard.

Top 10 Sports Games of 2015

1) NBA 2k16

2) Fifa 16

3) Madden 16

4) Super Mega Baseball

5) NHL 16

New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement- I need to stop procrastinating on everything and complete stuff when its assigned instead of waiting until the last minute.

Family and Friends- I need to spend more time with all of my family.

Social and Outside World- I need to go outside more and actually form a social life outside of school.