By: Brittany Rogers

A little Bit about Juliet

My Character is Juliet. She is 13 years old. She lives in Verona and in love with Romeo. Juliet is really young and she has brunette hair. She’s very small. She died by stabbing herself.

Characters Objective

She wants free will in her life to choose who she is. She goes to Dr.Jodi with Ophelia and tells her that they are going to stay mad for the rest of eternity. She likes being mad and so does Ophelia.

How I am similar to Juliet

We are similar because she likes to be mad and so do I….sometimes! I like to argue. Sometimes I do it for fun. But I like to speak my mind and tell others what I think. I don’t like people controlling me.

How I am dissimilar to my character

She is 13 and I dated someone who was a couple of years older than me. Well actually 2 years older than me not 4 like Romeo and Juliet. My hair is also about the same color as hers.