Earth magnets


learn about magnets

Magnets are fascinating how do they connect who made them? all kinds of magnets are very cool. So how do you think about magnets?

Every day at the YMCA

The YMCA has a bunch of things we are talking about magnets for 8-14 years of the age so come on down we will be doing lots of activities!

How does magnets work?

Magnets have this positive side and a negative side they both work like batteries you need a positive side and a negative side to create a battery the positive side connects to the negative side.

The first magnets

The first magnets were not invented, but rather were found from a naturally occurring mineral called magnetite. Traditionally, the ancient Greeks were the discoverers of magnetite. There is a story about a shepherd named Magnes whose shoe nails stuck to a rock containing magnetite.
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If you would like to learn more about how magnets work or if you just want to know why they work come on down to the YMCA between 4pm-6pm for again at least 8-14 years old.