Kadir Nelson

Nelson Mandela

Kadir's childhood

He was born in 1974 in D.C. but grew up in New Jersey and san Diego, California. Kadir started to draw at age 3 before he could read or write. he entered lots of art competitions but one time he won a scholarship to Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York. and enrolled at a architecture program.

Purpose for writing nelson mandela

Kadir thought that slavery was not right he thought that Nelson Mandela was a brave and courage's man. Kadir and mandela both thought that we are united people and peace for all.

facts about Nelson Mandela:

* he was awarded the noble peace prize

*he was the first black president of South Africa

*he wanted freedom all over this land

books Writen & Awards Won

books written: Ellington Was Not A Street, Henry's Freedom Box, Nelson Mandela, etc.

Awards won : Kadir won 1 CASEY award(for best baseball book) , 2 Caldecott honors, and 3 Coretta Scott King honors

Begining jobs for Kadir Nelson

  • When he was younger he worked at DreamWorks studio for cover art
  • Then he created the designs for album covers for Michael Jackson and Rapper Drake
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