DON'T get caught in the crossfire.

Vote for the MOST important woman of the Revolutionary War!

Margaret Corbin daringly took her fallen husband's cannon and fired at the British soldiers. What woman would be better to defend our country?

No Lobsterback was going to stop The Cannon!!

Determined, disciplined, daring: Margaret Corbin

* Followed her husband (who was in charge of loading the cannon) into the war

* When her husband and his partner died, she was fully prepared to take British lives for her country

* Even with Corbin the Cannon on the Patriot's side, the battle was lost by the rebels

* Corbin was the last cannon to stop firing


Awards for her astounding actions

* Had it not been for her alcohol problem, the Philadelphia Society of Women would have given her a monument to honor her as the first heroine of the Battle of New York

* Was given $30 to help with her expenses in honor of her bravery

* Received 3 commemorative plaques honoring her at the area close to the Fort Washington battle site

* Continental Congress awarded her with a lifelong pension that was 1/2 the amount a man would get

* Was the only Revolutionary War veteran honored by being buried at West Point with full military honors

Made By: Alexis Irlbeck, Tanyon Wyatt, and Parker Jones