Positive Self Talk

Self-talk is the inner voice that goes on inside our heads throughout our waking hours. Positive self-talk is when we talk to ourselves in a reassuring, kind, and more optimistic way. It’s the difference from saying to yourself: “I’m an idiot, I can’t believe I failed this test” to “I’m disappointed in how I did on this test but I’m going to talk to the teacher and study more next time”.

Positive self-talk can have a big impact on how we think and feel. Over time, engaging in more positive self-talk can help reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase motivation, inspire productivity, and improve overall mental and physical health. Educators, counselors, and parents can have a huge role in helping kids and young adults develop a greater voice for positive self-talk.

Our entire school has focused on "Positive Self Talk" this month and will continue to do so throughout the year. It is an extension of a growth mindset and builds upon these strategies.