The Frog and The Bear

By: Aatif Syed

Once upon a time, there was a very small frog named Baxto, he was always having trouble with reaching the door handle, basketball, and other height involving problems. Everyone always teased him about how small he was compared to them. Baxto even jumped and he still didn't match anyone's height. Although, occasionally he got lucky and jumped to be eye to eye with the short kids.

One day, Baxto was walking during his daily walk time. He walked right into an attack, basically on accident too. He saw a man with a very big gun aimed at a bear, so Baxto got very scared. Baxto knew the right thing to do. He was very scared, so he jumped onto the man, and then jumped higher until, he was at last EYE TO EYE with the man. Then the man got scared cause the frog wasn't an animal he could kill easily. So, the man slapped his gun on his back and ran like the wind. The bear said, "Thank You, you are friend to me. Thus because you saved my very life this day, so I owe mine to you." Baxto said, "I only did the right thing because my life was at stake as much as yours, also deep underneath, I thought you would kill me if you escaped the horrible man." Baxto and the Bear became friends soon after the rescue. Baxto also learned that the Bear's name was Ron. Ron and Baxto didn't have any trouble after the attack, so Ron and Baxto lived happily ever after.

Moral: Little People Can do Big Things