The Final Grade

by R.L.Stine


The genre of the Final Grade is Scary but it didnt scare me

Main character described

Lily is a senior in high school that is smart and hardworking and is trying to get in the number one collage but gets a 'b' in one of her finals.

Problem main character has told

Lily gets a "b" in this teachers class she wants to strangle him. He dies and they all the kids think that she did it.

Details about the action present

lily goes through some weird stuff in the middle in the book she gets these strange calls at midnight that say stuff like we both want the same thing. It turns out to be spoiler alert it turns out to be Scott. at the end metal bars fall on him and he is greatly injured and bloody.

Favorite part

My favorite part so the whole book is when they saw Scott for what he really is. In the beginning of the book i'll have to admit i had no idea Scott loved Lily or that he was even gonna matter, but he was the main bad guy. It was a twist because the readers probably didn't care about Scott, but when you figure out he is the main bad guy you probably get a little interested.


As a sixth grade big reader I can tell you this is one of the best books i have read. This is a good scary book that has lots of twists. If you wanna read a great horror/creepy book read THE FINAL GRADE by R.L.Stine in the popular series fear street.


THE FINAL GRADE by R.L Stine is a outstanding book. In the series fear street this is a super chiller which means its extra good. I think out of the fear street books (which there is


This a scary and dramatic book that will keep you guessing about what happens next. its not like those other ok books this one is the best or one of the best I've ever seen

Seen that wants to make you know more

So who do you think the psycho killer in the book is?