Wife Of Bath Commits A Crime


Strikes Back

Alice also known as "The Wife of Bath", committed a crime today because she had enough of James also known as "The Knight" abusing and raping her. Alice had enough of being rape and nobody could do anything about it so she had to do something to defend herself. Because rape wasn't against the law Alice got arrest for Second degree murder due to the fact that she killed James.

On The Run

Alice was afraid that the police was going to find out something about the crime so she went on a run for a couple month. Alice knew if the police was to find out anything about the crime she was going to get arrested because her getting rape was not against the law.

Police Gets A Report About The Crime

Alice Gets Arrested

Alice tries to hide out for a while because she was afraid that someone was going to find out about the crime and was going to make a statement to the police. Alice changed her name to Alisa so nobody could recognize that she was Alice. Alice got tired of running and eventually went to the police and told them all what happen and they charged her with second degree murder because rape was not against the law.