Professional Development Update


It's Summer!

We hope you are enjoying your summer, but couldn't WAIT to share some upcoming events in the Professional Development Center here at Monroe2 Orleans BOCES. Check out an offering we have in the month of August and then take a look ahead to the school year and see what our first expert of the school year has to teach us.

Thanks, and keep enjoying our New York summer!

CIPD team

Take a look at these exciting training opportunities. Then click on an image to register and see more details about each event.

The new Social Studies Regents exam for Global Studies and US History

Join us on Tuesday, August 27th for this one day training and an after school session. Teachers will learn how to create lessons and assessments that get students to merge content with historical thinking skills and Social Studies practice they will need to be successful on this exam, as well as be informed citizens.

Participants will learn a protocol for lesson design that will have students engage in inquiry, document analysis, and historical writing.

Our First Expert of the school year!

Jeff Flygare, a Marzano Research associate, will present Classroom Routines to Enhance Argumentation and Reasoning Skills. This one day training, on Thursday, October 17th, and webinar will give teachers the tools needed to help students understand and practice critical thinking skills in the classroom.

Come and play games with Jeff and learn how these activities help students to understand critical thinking skills.