Ajohn City

You Haven't lived until you died in Ajohn City

HIstory of Ajohn City

Ajohn City was established 50 years ago. All Families are welcomed in this City. In this city we can Guarantee you that its safe and sustainable. In this city we want to ensure everyone that our city can keep a clean and a healthy life now for a future generations, This means that we wont be having a harmful environment and wont be damaging our natural resources. We Take Care of our own City. We Make the Change

What is Sustainbility?

Sustainability means using our resources to get all the things that we need to keep our city Safe, Clean and healthy. Sustainability is not only about our City or Environment it also means being Socially and Economically Sustainable
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Why is it important for our city to be sustainable?

Its important for our city to be sustainable because, We need to make sure that everyone can live a Healthy life and at the same time we want them to feel safe. We want to keep an clean environment not only for us but also for our future generations.


In our city we offer our people many types of transportations. We have an airport if you would like a vacation to California. WE have subway stations if you wanna get to work quickly. We also have highways, Train Stations, Bus transits and we also have bike lanes


WE want to ensure that our people would have a place to have fun with, so we built Shopping Centres, Grocery Shops, Convenience Store. We also have Dental Clinics, Doctor Offices, Eye care Offices. We did not forget about Movie theatres and Tourist attractions and Gyms and Banks and Super Centres


We have Factories, Warehouses and Mining so that we can keep harmful air coming from fumes away from our residential and Institutional buildings
Sustainability explained through animation