The Great Gatsby

F.Scott Fitzgerald

Apperance vs. Reality

Daisy looks strong and prepared for anything. In reality though, she is weak and disorganized. She got scared about killing Myrtle so she ran. Daisy acts like a woman who is independent but when times get difficult she runs. Daisy is all about Gatsby but once Tom finds out she cowers, going back to Tom. The book shows many examples of how people are two-faced. They act one way but are truely the other way.
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The False Promise of Wealth and Materialism

Almost all the people in the book are wealthy. It is a great way to display the theme. Gatsby changed his name and his whole life just to be rich. He thought if he was wealthy he would get whatever he wanted. Once he got rich he did not get everything he wanted. He ended up dead. He figured he would get rich and win over Daisy because now they were the same social rank. This did not happen. This is a false promise.
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Relationships Among the Socioeconomic Classes

Daisy loved Gatsby but she would not be with him because he was poor. Daisy did not want to marry Tom because she did not truely love him. Her mom made her marry Tom because Tom is rich and could support Daisy like men should. Women and men in this time period could not be with each other if they were in different social classes.
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The Moral Corruption of American Society

Women are so set on being rich and completely cared for that they do not care how they get it. Myrtle was so tired of being the middle class that she had an affair with Tom so she could be taken care of. Fitzgerald makes it a point that she was morally wrong by killing her. It shows that when you strive for things that are morally wrong you mind as well be dead.
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