Please Stop Laughing At Me

Abbey Marut

Please Stop Laughing At Me Summery

Please Stop Laughing At Me is a book about bullying, where the main character is picked on. Jodee Blanco goes from school to school looking for a new beginning only to find her past. The first school she went to she became friends with the special need kids and got tormented for being their friend so she left and went to another school where they made fun of her again. As she got older she noticed some deformities in her chest area, so it was said when she was seventeen she could get surgery. As the bullying got worse her dad and mom took her on a trip to Greece where she meet some people that really helped her get through everything. When high school was over and their reunion came around nobody remembered bullying her or tearing her down.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is a emotional rollercoaster, but she's been though a lot. Jodee is scared of people but she's a tough girl. One thing I like about Jodee is the way she can stand her ground.


The conflict is Man vs. society. "Hey Blanco, why don't you just shut up?" Mark says. "Mr. Horn is right. THey're nothing but a bunch of rubberheads." I look over at shelly. Why isn't she saying anything? "Shelly, you're volunteer, too. Why don't you speak up?" By now, the entire class is glaring at me." (Pg 157)


The theme of the book is A negative mind will never give you a positive life. The evidence that supports this is on page 173.

“ Mom, I don’t think I want to go to Greece after all” “Jodee, one of your dreams has always been to see ancient Greece. You've talked about it since you were little. Don't let these kids at school take it away from you.”

Textual Evidence

In my book Jodee goes to a party where some things that make her uncomfortable happen. "I ran down stairs to telephone my mom. "Mom, please pick me up, ' I cried (60). I think this is meaningful because even though she had the chance to fit in she threw it away for what she thought was right.

Book Rating

I rate my book a three. It's a good book but the same thing happens over and over again, it gets boring. The book is a little sad and doesn't make to much sense. I think Jodees parents do unnecessary things like take her to therapy and Greece.
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